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Story: Master PC · Author: JRParz

If you're not at least 18 you have no business reading this. Please go no further!



This is one of my first stories. Would love to hear some feedback. Negative and positive responses - Be honest! I have several others I'm working on.

The standard joke throughout high school was that "Adam got the brains, while Lisa got the beauty". Adam never felt comfortable with this joke because he knew that his looks, although not ugly, didn't compare with his sister and virtually, everyone remembered Lisa while everyone forgot Adam. On many occasions when a person met them for the first time, they couldn't get over how different they looked. "You wouldn't know that you're brother and sister." was the standard line. Lisa possessed model like beauty and basked in the attention she received throughout her junior year at Harris High School, while Adam pretty much stayed to himself, spending much of his senior year in front of his PC. Despite the fact that Adam was a wizard when it came to computers, he was virtually invisible when it came to the girls in his high school.

It was on a Saturday morning, after returning from an interesting outing at a garage sale, while passing his sister's room that the door swung open. Lisa was wearing a thin, two piece bikini, which showed off her body. Adam couldn't help but quickly take in his sister's beauty and also noticing two of her friends. "Oh hi Adam, me and my friends will be trying on our new bikinis, so, make sure you don't come barging in, okay." Adam knew that Lisa was telling him this only to tease him. Adam and Lisa weren't exactly all that close and Lisa was always flaunting her beauty in front of him in a mean way. Adam went into his own room, next to Lisa's, and he could hear the girls giggling. All three of them were popular, knock-outs, and always hung out together. He often had fantasies about the three of them making it together at the same time and wondered if they stole glances at one another while they changed. Hell, as close as they were to one another, he wouldn't have been surprised if his fantasies were actually realities. The thought was arousing him as he plopped down in front of his computer to play the new CD he discovered at the garage sale. The CD looked brand new and the old lady only charged him a dollar for it. She told him that she found it in her garage, not knowing how it got there. She wasn't even sure what it was. He applied the virus scanner to the CD and everything came up fine. After placing the CD in his E drive, the program's name flashed on the screen. MASTER. Adam couldn't imagine software out there that he wasn't familiar with but he had never heard of this one. The screen then flashed a message. CLICK ON MASTER FOR PROGRAM RUN. Adam wasn't sure what was on this but curiosity was getting the best of him, so, he clicked on 'Master".

He could still hear his sister and friends through the wall when a small figure appeared on the screen. It looked somewhat human. "Welcome to Master Command Center, your own personal command center. The Master allows you to become a virtual god to the people around you. You now possess the power to bend their reality to your specifications. You are the Master." Adam always considered himself a computer genius but this was out of a science fiction novel. The little figure suddenly disappeared and the screen now asked for him to type in his name. Adam didn't hesitate here, typing in his full name. A menu came up asking for a subject's name. A million ideas and guesses were flying around inside his mind, and although he didn't really understand what he was dealing with here, he typed in his sister's name. Instantaneously, a 3D image of his sister appeared, she appeared in her two piece bikini. Lisa's arms were down at her sides, slowly spinning on a sphere. Adam sat in awe. It was as if someone had shrunk down his sister and placed her inside the computer. Adam carefully studied the image and then clicked on a box in the right hand corner. A Command Center space for text appeared. He then clicked on the "?" icon and read the on screen message: Whatever you enter, the subject will feel immediately after pressing the 'Send' button. This couldn't be true, could it? A nervousness came over Adam as he thought about this for awhile.

He then typed in a message: Lisa, you feel very sleepy and want to take a nap. You want your friends to go home. A message flashed: PRESS SEND TO EXECUTE THE COMMAND. Adam hesitated a second, then pressed 'send'. He waited a few minutes and then heard commotion in the hall way. He poked his head out just as his sister was telling her girl friends that she'd call them tonight.

It had to be a coincidence. Adam had to know whether his sister actually did what he commanded. Adam got up and went to his sister's door. It was closed so he knocked. Lisa mumbled that she felt very tired and didn't want to be disturbed. He opened his sister's door and peaked in to see his sister, still clad in her two piece bikini, laying down on her bed.

Adam quickly went back to his room. This was amazing! He had to make sure, so, he then typed: Lisa, you feel uncomfortably hot. Take off your bikini. Once you are naked, you will leave your room and go downstairs to get a glass of water. As you walk downstairs, you will notice that you left your room naked but it won't seem important to you. You will take one sip and go back upstairs to your room. You will leave the door to your room open and lay back down on top of your covers. You will continue to feel drowsy, but will also start to feel horny. You will begin to masturbate and fantasize about making love. You will fantasize about a dream lover. You will be flooded with sexual desire for him and need him to fuck you in the worst way. As your desire for this builds, you will see your dream lover standing by your bed looking down at you. Your body will crave his touch. You will orgasm the second he enters you and will orgasm several more times. Once you feel him cum you will again orgasm, but it won't be enough. Your need for him will continue to dominate your every thought and you will do whatever it takes to get him to take you one more time. After you are completely sated, you will fall into a deep sleep. When you wake exactly one half hour later, you will wake up and remember your dream vividly. The uninhibited way you fucked will arouse you again and you will find yourself remembering your dream frequently and thinking of sex often. Your dream lover looks a lot like your brother. Adam clicked 'Send'.

Lisa woke all of a sudden. God was she hot. She stripped off her bikini and sprung up out of bed. Water, she needed water. Without giving it a second thought she opened the door of her room and headed downstairs. Adam watched her naked sister go downstairs from his bedroom door and couldn't get over how gorgeous she was. Lisa's nudity didn't appear to bother her as she pranced around the kitchen stark naked, poured herself a glass of water, took a sip, and headed back up stairs. Adam watched the sway of her small breasts as she climbed the stairs. Adam thought that it would be nice if they were bigger and this gave him an idea for later. Lisa went back into her room and laid back down on top of her covers. Within seconds she started to feel tingly. Her nipples were hard and there was a warm sensation flooding her lower regions. Her fingers began caressing her breasts, as she pinched her nipples causing the burning sensation inside her groin to grow to a throb. Lisa couldn't resist as she placed her other finger inside her vagina. Lisa gasped as her arousal continued to build. As wet as she was, she easily inserted a third finger inside herself, eliciting a deep moan.

Adam couldn't get over how beautiful Lisa looked as he watched her masturbate from her opened doorway. He was totally convinced of the computer's power and the thoughts of everything he'd be capable of doing was getting him yet harder than he already was from watching his sister. She was breathing real hard as he quietly walked inside the room. Her sister was totally oblivious to everything except her body as she continued feeling herself up, panting heavily, just on the verge of having an orgasm.

Lisa didn't understand where, or how, but standing by her bed was the most perfect male specimen she'd ever seen. Instead of feeling embarrassed or attempting to rationalize it, Lisa only felt the overpowering need to have him fuck her. The fingers of her left hand grabbed at her nipples, first one and then the other. Her other hand continued to rub her clit, sending her passion to even a higher level. "Please, please fuck me now......please." Adam watched his sister wither on the bed. God was she a beautiful creature. Adam quickly climbed on top of his sister and in one easy motion, entered her wet hole, losing his virginity and not really surprised to find that she wasn't losing hers.

The second this fantasy lover of hers thrust into her, Lisa cried out with a mind shattering orgasm. She couldn't believe how good he felt as she wrapped her arms around his back to help him go in further. Within seconds, Lisa felt herself ready to orgasm again, and again after another ten minutes of riding her lover. When she felt her lover cum inside of her, she was in the throes of another orgasm. "More....Please more, make me cum again." Lisa quickly shifted around and placed her lips around her lover's dick. Adam was looking down at his sister, who's head was bobbing up and down on his dick. She was succeeding in getting him hard again. If she only knew, Adam thought to himself. Lisa quickly shifted again on the bed, opened her legs wide and yelled: "Your ready.......please do me again"!

Adam ended up climbing off his sister forty minutes later. She was unbelievable. There was nothing she wouldn't let him do to her. The whole time she kept on moaning and screaming her passion. Now he looked down at his sister, who's hair was all tousled but still as beautiful as ever. Sleeping beauty indeed. Her legs were slightly open with cum dripping down her thigh and the sight of her was making him horny all over again. Lisa was a stunning sight as she laid there with her eyes closed and a huge smile on her face. Adam considered how he felt about his incestuous experience with his sister and was a little surprised that he didn't feel a bit guilty or remorseful. In fact, taking advantage of his sister was only the beginning. Adam knew he had just given Lisa the best fuck of her life and Lisa would always remember this fantasy dream with great pleasure. Adam then took a critical look at Lisa. Her breast were nice but way too small. Adam wondered if his Master PC also had the ability to manipulate the body as it did the mind. Adam found it difficult to leave his naked sister, but he rationalized that he could have her anytime he wished. Easy as typing he thought with a chuckle. Adam went back to his room.

When Adam checked his computer, he noted that Lisa was now stark naked as her image slowly went around in a circle. Plus her eyes were closed. Apparently, the image on the screen would show the subject in its present attire or lack of it, and as they currently were. He studied her breasts and then went to the command center. He brought up the menu on physical attributes, and read where her breasts were presently a 32 A-cup. Not no more he grinned as he typed in 36 Double D-cup. Immediately the 3D image changed showing Lisa with the enhanced breasts. Adam felt she would look even better if they were slightly larger, and typed in 38DDs. When the image popped up showing Lisa with those huge gigantic breasts, his eyes lit up. Wow! Every woman should look like this! He looked for a time frame for this command, and couldn't find one. Would this mean once he pressed 'send' the transformation would occur? Oh well. He wouldn't have to explain it, she would. He also brought up sensitivity, and made her nipples highly erotically. Next he clicked on buttocks and tightened her up, making them just a tab more rounder. His own personal preference. He then typed: Lisa, the physical changes you experience in your breasts will please you because way deep down you always wanted big breasts. You love your new breasts so much, you'll feel an urge to show them to all your friends. You will never feel a soreness in your back from the extra weight of your new tits. The feel of a bra constantly rubbing against your nipples will turn you on. If anyone, regardless whether they are male or female, rubs against your breasts, or you hug someone innocently, and their body touches your breasts, you will feel sexual desire. The desire will build so quickly and so powerfully, that you will be forced to masturbate or fuck someone in order to relieve yourself. 'Send'.

Adam sent the command and took pleasure in the new make over he was giving his sister. Lisa was going to experience changes in her body that would leave her gasping with arousal. Adam had contemplated making himself the sole object of her desires, but he knew he could have her anytime so he now turned his attention to one of her lovely friends.

He saw Lisa a couple of times throughout the afternoon, and she had a perpetual smile on her face. Despite his earlier sex with his sister, he was increasingly becoming horny again and decided he needed to have himself a steady in order to have a girl available at all times. As he sat down in front of his computer, he thought about Samantha Peters, Lisa's best friend and the prettiest blond in school. Samantha was always over the house, so, her coming over would not cause any one to notice. He brought up her name and up popped the 3-D image of the blond blue eyed goddess, who already wore a pair of tits on her that was the envy of every girl in the senior class. Samantha wasn't seeing anybody, therefore, he wouldn't have to deal with any irate boy friend. Samantha was wearing tight jeans and red blouse. When he started to compare his sister with her, she felt that her sister's beauty stood out in a wild sort of way while Samantha radiated a sweet innocence despite a body that belonged on the centerfold of Playboy. Adam studied the body very carefully. He typed in a command: "Samantha, you feel an over whelming attraction for Lisa's brother, Adam. The sexual attraction is so powerful, you will find it very difficult not to proclaim your desire for him to fuck you. You will be flooded with fantasies which will consist of you performing as a highly erotic palace sex slave, with Adam as your master. The intensity of your fantasy will make you wish you were his slave. Your fondest wish is to please Adam in every way. Every time you think of him you will want to be with him. Every time you hear him you will want to obey his every wish. Every time you see him you will be consumed with a lust, but although your lust will make you uncomfortably horny for Adam, your personality in his presence will be very docile and passive, wanting only to please him." 'Send'.

Samantha Peters was sitting at the kitchen table when suddenly, without understanding why, she found herself thinking about Adam Lowell. Samantha was startled to be thinking about him, especially since she was thinking about him in the sexual way. As she thought of him she began to feel an incredible attraction for him and although her mind screamed in shock, her body was becoming aroused. Samantha gasped and squeezed her legs together under the table to try and stop the sensation flooding her groin. What she wanted to do this very moment was to strip out of her clothes and shove her fingers deep inside herself. Samantha left the table in a hurry and went straight to her room, finding herself in a grip of passion that didn't make sense to her. Her hands roamed her body, and she grabbed her robe and ran to the bathroom. Samantha started the shower in order to drown out her own moans. Looking at herself in the mirror, breathing hard, and looking all flush, she kept on shaking her head 'no'. Just then an image of Adam consumed her mind and increased her arousal. Samantha peeled off her jeans, then her panties and while still staring at the mirror, shoved her fingers inside her vagina to relieve the build up pressure that continued to bombard her. Intellectually, this didn't make sense to her, but her body was demanding release. Samantha wanted to see him.

When Lisa woke from her nap, the first thing she noticed was that she was really horny. The second thing she noticed was that when she raised her hands up to caress her breast, was that they were huge! She gasped. Her tits looked like beach balls! How! She went from little nothings to a pair of knockers that would rival any that she'd ever seen before! How was this possible? The thought of her huge breasts, the feel of her palms caressing her nipples and then the memory of her dream lover. Lisa moaned with all three sensations coming down on her. Lisa found her slit wet like it has been and proceeded to finger fuck herself to a mind shattering orgasm. An hour later, when she was finally sated enough to get up, she went over to the mirror; "God Damn........ ........they're gigantic!" Lisa put on a robe, which now fit very snug around her chest, and headed for the shower. She felt a soreness between her legs and thought back to her dream. It was like it really happened, but then rationalized that it was due to her marathon masturbation session. Lisa couldn't help play with her huge tits in the shower, and this led to more finger fucking. She wanted to fuck! She didn't want her finger, she wanted to fuck her dream lover. She thought about all the boys she would seek out, and every time she had one in mind, her dream lover would pop in her mind. Wasn't it strange that he looked a lot like her brother? She wondered just how Adam was in bed and was surprised at this thought? As she was leaving the bathroom, the phone rang. It was her best friend Samantha. She told Lisa that she needed to come over right away. Whatever it was, she sounded desperate.

When Samantha arrived she looked like she was dressed for the "kill". Lisa was about to comment on her attire, when Samantha exclaimed; "'re tits! What happened?!?" Lisa shook her head that she didn't know, but Samantha cut her off, glancing upstairs; "Is Adam here?" Lisa was shocked. She nodded yes, but when she was just about to tell her about waking up with her new tits, Samantha darted around her and ran upstairs.

All the way over to Adam's house, Samantha's mind fantasized about being a pleasure slave to Adam in some Arabian Nights movie. Samantha got so hot from her fantasy, that she came and could feel her panties soaked underneath her jeans. Samantha almost ran upstairs and knocked on Adam's door. To know Adam was on the other side of this door made her even more hornier than she already was. Samantha knocked lightly on the door.

"Ah....Adam. Its me Samantha Peters.....can I talk with you a moment?"

"Sure Samantha....come in."

Samantha opened the door and stepped inside. Adam was sitting on his chair, swivelled around to face her as she stepped inside. The sight of Adam sitting there was the most erotic sight Samantha had ever seen, and she felt her entire body shake with arousal.

"I was would you like to go out with me tonight?" Samantha stammered.

Adam took in the sight of the blond beauty and smiled. Adam turned back to his computer, ignoring her for a second, knowing that she would stay right where she was. Adam brought up Lisa on the screen and typed in a command: "Lisa, go to Adam's room and sit on his bed. Your focus will be on Samantha, and you will feel compelled to watch everything she does. When Samantha begins to strip, you will find yourself getting turned on and have an overwhelming urge to caress yourself, especially your big beautiful new tits. 'Send'.

Adam turned back to Samantha who didn't see what he had typed. She felt awkward standing there, but somehow knew that he wanted her to stand there and be quiet until he was ready to give her his attention. Suddenly Lisa came walking into the room, right past her and sat on the edge of the bed. Lisa had a strange look on her face, as she turned her head to stare at her. Samantha couldn't help notice how big Lisa's breasts were, and wondered what was going on.

"No Samantha, I don't want to go out. What would please me instead is to see how fast you can get out of all your clothes."

Samantha's eyes lit up with alarm. Strip in front of Lisa! Then it hit her, the word 'please' triggered something inside of her, and it dawned on her that she could now do something for Adam that would please him. Samantha no longer cared that Lisa sat silently watching her, as she stripped out of her clothes as fast as she could. When Samantha stood there stark naked, with her clothes in a pool by her feet, which included her panties and bra, she feared that she might have been too slow. She now realized her dreams were coming a reality, and that somehow Adam had tapped onto a power beyond her comprehension.

Adam gazed at his new slave, and had to admit that Samantha was quite pretty. Her breasts were naturally large, looking to be 34C's, at least. Adam turned back to his computer, brought up Samantha on the screen for physical alterations, and typed in 38DD's. Adam also included all the other commands regarding erotic sensitivity and no back problems. Now Samantha and Lisa would have a matching pairs of tits! He turned to face Samantha before pressing the 'Send' button, wanting to see the instant transformation. The mere second he pressed the button, Samantha's large breasts instantly blew up to gigantic proportions. Lisa, who had been gazing at her best friend, and caressing her breasts through her sweatshirt, gasped in awe. Samantha, who quite suddenly felt the instant growth on her chest, also gasped, and then cupped the tips of her breasts in amazement. She wanted to ask how this had happened, but she was quickly flooded with another emotion, and this one was the throbbing she was feeling between her legs. She wanted to plead to Adam to fuck her, but she knew it was more important for her to remain silent until spoken to.

Adam's gaze lingered on Samantha a few more seconds, and then back to his sister, who was visibly aroused, and caressing herself on his bed; "Lisa, do you like what I've done to your titties?"

Lisa found herself unable to turn away from Samantha, but still felt compelled to answer; "Yes."

"Wasn't it nice that I gave Samantha a matching pair?"

"Ye...yesss." Lisa managed, squirming uncomfortably. She wanted to take her clothes off, but something was preventing that from happening. If her body was her to control, Lisa would have stripped and began finger fucking herself. The state of arousal she was feeling was starting to hurt.

Adam smiled at Lisa, who's eyes were quickly glazing over. He turned back to the computer and brought her up on the screen. 'Lisa, your now realize that Adam is your dream lover, and the realization of this fact sends a flush of desire throughout your entire body. You need to take every stitch of clothing off your gorgeous body. Your desire to fuck him is a hunger that you cannot sate. You also hunger Samantha's beautiful body, as it excites you like never before. When Adam approaches you, you will feel an overpowering desire to please him. When Samantha approaches you, you will be the aggressor. After you are spent, you will lay right there on my bed and fall asleep. 'Send'.

Lisa quite suddenly felt a twist inside her groin. Her dream lover is Adam. Its Adam! She gazes at Adam in rapture as she quickly starts tearing her clothes off. When she turns to Samantha, she finds her beauty is also effecting her differently. Her erotic memories with her Dream Lover consume her every thought, and a very hot and wet heat flood her entire lower regions.

Adam had Lisa stretch out on his bed. She was naked now, and her huge tits stood proudly at attention. Adam instructed Samantha, who's mind was still trying to understand all this, to lay out along side Lisa. Lisa then took charge, and moved Samantha's head down between her legs. Samantha began licking her cunt while Adam stripped, watching in excitement. When he was naked, he climbed on the bed to join them. Lisa, who was already in the throes of an orgasm, basked in the sensations Samantha's tongue was doing to her clit. Adam moved behind Samantha and shoved his cock into her hole from behind. Samantha was tight, but she was also soaked with arousal, as he slid in easily and began to ram in and out of her. With every thrust, Samantha moaned and bit down on Lisa's clit. Lisa screamed, but not with pain, but with pure pleasure! Both girls alternated and Adam had enough to fuck Lisa and Samantha again for a second time. Adam found his biggest turn on was sucking their huge tits, and he decided that every girl out there should have a pair of these knockers! Samantha and Lisa made love with one another as it they were veteran lesbians. Samantha knew during her intense sex play that she was under Adam's power, succumbing to her new pleasure slave role. Samantha knew that whatever held her in this grip wasn't natural, but she also knew that knowing it did nothing to help her resist it. She was under a passion so strong that it left her unable to deny Adam anything and now it appeared Lisa had some sort of control over her. Samantha knew that she wasn't a lesbian and never had an inkling of desire to be with another girl before, but her passive desire to do everything Adam asked, and her constant state of arousal, had her performing with Lisa with uncontrollable passion. Samantha also knew that Adam had done something to Lisa to make her act the way she did.

Adam gazed at the two sleeping beauties. His eyes lingered on their huge tits. God, they looked so sexy! They were still naked, and the room smelled of sex. Both girls limbs were twisted erotically around one another. Adam brought up both Lisa and Samantha on the screen, using a split screen option. He typed; 'Samantha, when you wake, you will find yourself in love with Lisa. You will also feel a pleasure in pleasing her, sexually and otherwise.' 'Send'. He went over to Lisa's screen and typed; 'Lisa, when you wake, you have a thirsty addictive passion for Samantha's lips and caress. Her love juice is the sweetest nectar next to Adam's. You will also love and obey Adam, and although you will feel the embarrassment of incest, you will desire Adam always, and desire his ravishment of your body over and over again.' 'Send'.

Adam checked out a new screen that allowed him to ask questions of the Master. Adam quickly typed; 'Is it possible to send a command that would encompass a whole school?' 'Send' The computer typed back; 'YES'. Adam smiled and typed; 'Every female who steps into school on Monday morning will find themselves instantly huge breasted. Every female will grow a set of knockers the size of 44DDD's. Every female will find their new tits highly erotically sensitive. Every female will love their new titties and the way they make them feel.' Adam thought for a second. This would mean that his two favorite slaves would have the smallest tits in school. Then he smiled; 'When Lisa and Samantha enter the school, their tits will enlarge to 48DDD's.' 'Send'........................Adam smiled. That's much better!

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Story: Master PC · Author: JRParz