Zennemme Babels  (Sph. 11:1-9)

     En att irriln tarramos y-theds amuls enen att laldan.  En elletsa 
varraumme arnemia zurnio hythio y-dore Shinar-ekmese odro'os.  En kasane 
vannakan dioso berreos.  En neoso sammaos: odroteoru kultin berzeor 'n 
adampe betserzeor.  En ere-thedek kultin tarraos, lias rutantaos 
issikethedneyu.  En sammaos: odroteoru odonn berzeor enen eppezentn y-sa 
apra epellesit al-y-uothed, en berzeor dioro ekmen trahan, de utelzesior 
varredii y-lannuo y-thedse.
     En ullodro'oth y-Tor de y-odonn ibrioth enen y-eppezentn y-san 
zennemos y-evenis y-lillei.  En sammath y-Tor: ibriter sa att ventun elmos 
amul en att irriln tarmos.  En y-sa ni y-epiremmen elt y-sais itzisios.  
En ve-mala erea sfaelzemmen lios utastusfellesioth.  Odroteoru, ultarzaor 
iapurzuor enthurny-irrilns lios de neoso zu^rpe utastasamzasios.
     Ilias lion iasfatarraoth y-Tor y-On turuinie y-theds amulinie en odons 
lios zennevios.  Ilias Babel ekmeoth, ili kasane enthurn y-irrilnis amulis 
iapurruoth y-Tor en kasania osn iasfatarraoth y-Tor y-lannuo y-theds amulnuo.


Well, you asked for it.  Here, composed at my desk over the last few 
months (at some risk to my continued employment), is a provisional version 
of the text of Genesis 11:1-9 in Y-Irril, a language bearing some 
resemblance to my current language creation project, but in many respects 
(especially the verb conjugations) devised specifically for this 
translation (as the ongoing project is bogged down in sound laws and 
principles of syntax).

Incidentally, I found the word frequency list quite unusable, as it 
separates out English function words such as past tense markers and relative 
pronouns.  For example, listing `away' twice is no help if your 
language has distinct words for `send away' and `take away'.  This text 
still contains some literalisms which I would eventually seek to do 
away with (such as using the verb `come' as an introductory exclamation).

Best wishes,

Jeremy Marshall

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