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abusananos (masc. noun)
bully Literal translation: child abuser
arrambada (fem. noun)
Heavy petting.
au va!
come on. Are kidding? When you don not believe what a person is saying.

balleruc (masc. noun)
bump on the head.
bandarra (noun)
+ ass hole This word is the most used word in Catalunya to tell someone Asshole.
Bitch, slut It can be used as a masculine or as a feminine form. It many contexts it nowadays means "cheeky person": "En Carles és un bandarra, encara no m'ha tornat el disc que li vaig deixar", "Carles is a slut, he still hasn't returned the record I lent him".
barbamec (masc. noun)
a boy still without facial growth
barrinar (intr. verb)
+ to fuck Common usage in the Mallorca island and Minorca
Barrinar (verb)
+ to fuck it used mainly in the Menorca island.
barrinar (verb)
fuck (verb) . You say it is slang from Mallorca. I am from Barcelona and I've never heard this word used in this sense. On the contrary, I've heard my parents (respectable elderly peole, no dirty slang) say on many occassions "Que barrines?" in the sense of "what are you thinking about ?" or "what are you up to?". This meaning comes also as the second exception in the Diccionari de la LLengua Catalana (Encliclopèdia Catalana). It really has sense that in Mallorca the word is used as a slang for "fuck" since the literal translation of the word is "to drill". Good work !!!
biruhi (noun)
bollera (fem. noun)
+ lesbian
bollicao (fem.)
girl aged 14 to 17 with big tits and little brain

cagadubtes (masc. noun)
someone who's hesitant or irresolute Literal translation: "shit-doubts"
caganer (masc. noun)
brat Literal translation: shitter
cagant llets
to do something very fast Lit:"shitting milks".ex:"va vindre cagant llets" (he came very fast)
cagueta / cagacalces (fem. nouns)
calvo (masc. noun)
Bald, not bold The word calvo, which you use in the entries Cinc contra el calvo and Els cincs fantastics i is not correct Catalan. The word Bald in Catalan is Calb. Calvo is probably a borrowing from what the Catalans call Castillian and we call Spanish. Such borrowings occur in Catalan but they are to be avoided when there is a Catalan word. There are a number of words for Bold in Catalan (e.g., Valent, arriscat, temerari) but Calb (Calvo) is not one of them.
cap-de-suro (masc. noun)
capoll (masc. noun)
+ The glans The Spanish word "capullo" is also used in Catalan, but in this case it can also mean "dickhead".
+ Bollock face Despective word used to call attention from someone. 'Hi caracollons, come here!'
cardar (intr. verb)
+ to fuck
carro (masc.)
+ to masturbate
cinc contra el calvo
masturbation Lit. "five against the bold"
class (verb)
+ Copulate Example: El que més li agrada es xingar. Translation: What he likes the most is to copulate.
coco (noun masc. sg.)
head // intelligent person En Txuli es un coco: Txuli is a very brainy guy//See also "tarro"
collons (masc. noun; sing: "colló")
testicles It can also be used as an interjection to express surprise, admiration, disappointment, etc.: are really versatile word. As opposed to Italian, it is not used as an insult.
Collons de deu
Testicles of God Phrase is mostly used in the Mallorquin slang.
consolador (masc. noun)
+ Dildo Its literal meaning is "consoler", probably because it is supposedly used by dissatisfied women.
cony (masc. noun)
female genitals It is also used as an interjection. Not used, however, as an insult (like French "con" or English "cunt").
cul (masc. noun)
ass The anus or asshole is referred to as "el forat del cul" (literally, asshole).
currar (verb)
to work
curt-de-gambals (masc. noun)
dull-witted / dense

donar pel cul (intr. verb)
+ to bugger It can also be used in the sense of "bugger off" or "fuck off": "que et donin pel cul".
donar pel sac (intr. verb)
to bugger See "donar pel cul".

El cony de ta mare
++ The cunn of your mother Like an insult to get to hate person. For example: "Ves-ten al cony de ta mare, malparit!"
els cinc fantastics i el germa calvo
els collóns d'en Wamba
+ nay.
Em cago en la figa d'en Catà
+ I shit on the Catà's fig Without an special meaning.It's an expresion used to let the other peole know that you are REALLY angry. Commonly used by some basketball coaches.
enganxar un cego (verb)
to get drunk Lit:"to stick a blindman" example:"L'Steve Wonder va enganxar un cego que encara li dura" (Steve Wonder got drunk and he still is)
escalfabraguetes (noun)
Person (male or female) who excites men but is not prepared to have intercourse It literally means "crotch-heater".
++ cockteaser
escórrer-se (intr. verb)
++ to ejaculate, to cum" Also spelt as "escorre's". -- "Anit vaig lligar-me un tio al quarto fosc del Martin's i ens vam escórrer tots dos": "Last night I pick this guy up at the darkroom at Martin's and we both came".
espantacriatures (masc. noun)
sameone with ferocious appearance, but inoffensive.
et faré passar pel simaler (male noun)
++ i'm gonna put my dick into your mouth and into your cunt it's an awfully hard expression. Ex.: et faré passar pel simaler, mala puta¡

farranaco (masc. noun)
++ vagina: "Venus Triangle" Pronounced [pharnakoo].Used mainly in les Terres de Ponent ( Sunset Lands of Catalonia) often preceeded by the masculin article "lo" (used also almost exclusively in the same region). Example:"Deixa'm sobar-te lo farranaco, paia!" that means "Let me touch your cunt, honey".
fato (adj.)
stupid Used in the county of Pallars in the north west of Catalunya
fer un riu (verb)
to urinate "Vaig a fer un riu", means "I'm gonna go urinate" lit. means "I'm gonna go do a river"
fer un solo de flauta
To masturbate oneslf with great dosis of art It is used when somebody masturbates herself/himself a lot
fer-se la mà (trans. verb)
+ to masturbate Used only in Valencian dialect.
figa (fem. noun)
+ pussy
figa-flor (fem. noun)
fill de puta
son of a bitch See "puta".
fill de verra (noun, masc)
+ literrally "son of a pig" It has more or less the same value that "fill de puta"
+ literrally "son of a pig" It has more or less the same value that "fill de puta"
+ literrally "son of a pig" It has more or less the same value that "fill de puta"
+ literrally "son of a pig" It has more or less the same value that "fill de puta"
+ Passive homosexual Word used, preferently, in Sueca (Ribera Baixa) to designate those men who like to take by the asshole. 'Hi, fogó' means in Sueca 'Have a nice day guy'.
fucker The persons who fucks has this name. You can see "follar as a verb(it is the action)
follar (intr. verb)
+ to fuck Can also be used as a pronominal verb: "follar-se algú", to fuck someone.
fotre (transitive verb)
to do, to put, to cheat, to eat, to grow, to annoy, to steal, to throw, etc. (literally: to fuck) It's a very useful werb because it means a lot of different things. It's a word of very common usage: it may be used everywhere and its meaning is deduced from the context. It's like * of MS-DOS. Some samples in a single dialogue: -I els conills? -Fotuts, noi, no se'm foten. Què els fots als teus? -Pastanaga -I s'ho foten? -I tant -No fotis! (-What about your rabbits? -Bad, man, they doesn't grow. What do you give them? -Carrots -Do they eat this? - Oh yes! -It's exciting!)
francès (masc. noun)
+ blow-job "Fer un francès": to give a blow-job.
+ Pelota court, pediment Very popular sport played by couples in Spain. Female anatomic part located between the asshole and the female genitals, in which the balls bounces repeatly during a variable time. 'Although the light was broken, last night we were playing frontó'
+ to fuck

underpants example;"en Pere de la Cullera va anar a buscar bolets i enmig de la carretera li van caure els gallumbos"(Peter of the Spoon went to collect mushrooms, and walking down the road his underpants fell)
gamarus (adjective)
Silly, Stupid, people of the other side of the Ebro river Applied to some people who are gamarussos
gentussa (fem. noun)
mob / riffraff
asshole This word is similar to "fuker". In catalan there are other words with the same meaning as "Desgraciat","cabró" or "mamó".
grenyes (noun fem. pl.)
long hair It has the same meaning as "txolles"(see below). "Grenyes" use to be very used, but now many people prefer the newer word "txolles". The real word for "long hair" (cabells llargs) is not used at all by people between 15 and 30.
+ Female expert in Kamasutra

1:girl 2:girlfrend para bailar la hamba se necesita una poca de gracia
hambo (noun masc)
1:boy 2:boyfrend example:"el hambo de la Maria passa maria"(Mary's boyfrend sells herb)
hinyar (verb)
1: to defecate. 2: to be very afraid example of 2:"en Joan esta hinyat amb l'examen de quimica"("Johny is very afraid to fail his chemistry exam")
Hugo Sanchez
++ Hugo Sanchez When somebody tells you H.S. is like Mother Fucker. Hugo Sanchez was a Real Madrid player for many years and it was a total ASSHOLE.

Jo et flic jo et floc, ni tu ni jo tampoc (expression)
Neither me nor you. It said when two people could not get something.
jo et flic, jo et floc ni tu ni jo tampoc (expression)
neither you nor me. When something could not be done. It is like to say: we missed!

lacasito (noun sg.fem. and masc.)
Boy or girl aged 2 to 4 Specially used when they wear very coloured coats (bright yellow or red) and they walk penduling theyr body in each pace (left right, left right,..)
llargar (verb)
to leave a place "va llargar cagant llets"(he left shitting milks)
llepar (trans. v.)
+ To lick (a dick), to suck cock. The English equivalent of "suck that dick!" would be "llepa-me-la!"
A "fellatio" well done
llet (fem. noun)
semen, cum It literally means 'milk'; in some contexts it can also mean 'luck': "Collons, tio, quina llet!".
lleterada (fem. noun)
+ ejaculation
lletres (
to cruise, to pick (someone) up (intr. verb) Also used in pronominal form: "lligar-se algú", to pick someone up.
Dick masc. sg.

mal karma
bad thing It is used when something dislikes somebody or when something goes wrong.Ethimology: is what Neil from The Young Ones use to say in the catalan translation of the series.
born badly Very used when people gets hungry whith others
mamada (fem. noun)
++ blow-job
manola (fem. noun)
masturbation Used in the phrase
masturbation Used in the phrase
maria (noun)
marihuana "Tens maria?" means "Do you have marihuana?"
marieta (fem. noun)
gay man
maripili (fem. noun)
gay male Used exclusively within the gay community; sounds rather campy. It has two possible uses: either as a proper name, address- ing someone as "Maripili", or as a gen- eric noun, to designate gay men who are not particularly butch (ex: "una maripili", "has vist aquelles maripilis?". This term derives from the female name Maria del Pilar, nicknamed (in Spanish) Maripili. See also "maruja".
maruja (fem. noun)
housewife This is in fact a Spanish word, derived from the Galician nickname "Maruxa", i.e. María; accordingly the "j" is pronounced like in Spanish. Within the gay communi- ty it is used to refer to gay males who privilege domesticity, are not particularly trendy, and like to bitch. A suitable English equivalent would be Edna.
merder (adj.)
+ great mess, confussion Quin merder! What a mess!
mitja-merda (fem. noun)
half shit
mitja-nena (fem. noun)
good for nothing Literal translation: half-girl
mocador (noun masc.)
flag, especially the Spanish flag Literally "handkerchief"

no em toquis els collons (expression)
don not piss me off It is said when somebody keep you bothering for a long time.
don not piss me off It is said when somebody keep you bothering for a long time.
no em toquis els collons
don't piss me off Literal translation: don't touch my bollocks.

Everybody fuck !!!!
orxegar (verb)
vomit This type of vomiting is done after one has drunk too much in the county of Pallars in the north west of Catalunya. The closest english equivalent is to ride the porcelin bus.
ballocks As you can see it has the same meaning as "collons".

pajarito (noun)
penis (literrally: 'little bird') It's a Spanish word, but it's pronounce 'pajaritu'.
palla (fem. noun)
wank "Fer-se una palla": to masturbate. It can also be used in a figurative sense: "fer-se una palla mental", literally "to have a mental wank", i.e. to speculate excessively over rather irrelevant issues.
pallús (masc. noun)
parrús (masc.noun)
+ female genitals
pastanaga (masc. noun)
pelar-se-la (trans. verb)
+ to masturbate, to wank In some dialects (Valencia) "pelar-se-la" means "to be absent from a class"; this can sometimes lead to funny misunderstandings.
pelicar (verb)
to speak, specially to speak a lot
pet (noun & adj masc sg)
1:fart. 2:drunken person This is the most widespread, used and understood-by-everyone word for "fart". The second meaning is only knonw by the Catalan youth. There is a rock band from Constantí (Catalonia) called Els Pets ("the farts" or "the drunken ones").
petardo (masc / noun)
A little girl.
petó negre (masc. noun)
+ rimming This term refers to mouth-to-anus sexual contact; it literally means "black kiss".
piho/a (adj. & noun )
People who like to ostentate money, and who speaks with a very distintive social dialect, easily identified by its particular voice tone example:"la Pili es una piha de merda"
Ball People who trie to be well seen by other people, like a teacher, the boss, etc. "En peret sempre fa la pilota als mestres" ---> "Peter i always making the ball to the teachers.
piltra (fem)
pinxo (masc. noun)
show-off / cocky
piu (masc. noun)
Pennis In the popular valencian movie guide "Cartelera Turia", "El racó del piu" (Dick's corner), is the section devoted to XXX-rated movies.
plogués tant que l'aigua arribés al cel i els peixos piquessin els collons de Sant Pere, pensant-se que són molles de pa.
+ It should rain so much that water reach the sky and fishes could bite Saint Peter's balls, thinking they are crumbles. Found in a sexual Catalan dictionary (by Vilà). It is considered as a bad phrase.
pluja daurada (fem. noun)
+ watersports Designates the sexual practice in which one partner urinates on the other; it literally means "golden rain".
pollós (masc. noun)
lousy / dirty / wretched
puta (fem. noun)
whore, bitch
putot (masc. noun)
+ Big slut This word (which applies mostly to females) is formes by simply adding an augmentative masculine suffix to "puta".

quarto fosc (masc. noun)
darkroom Used in the gay scene.
quina lleneguera! (expression)
that sucks! It is said when something is boring.

rasca (fem.)

sang a la figa i merda al cul (expression used in la Segarra)
++ blood in the cunt and shit in the ass It is used when something it went wrong or when there is the chance that something is going to be wrong.
sapastre (masc. noun)
idiot / dope
si ma mare fos Espanya jo seria un fill de puta (repulsive expression)
if my mother were Spain I would be a son of the bitch That it means that the catalan people are not spanish. Catalonia is not Spain.
sobar (verb)
to sleep

tacos (
years (of age)
tarro (noun)
head In your HEAD they are fighting: estan lluitant al teu TARRO
tenir els ulls a la brioxa (expression)
to have the eyes out of the orbit it is used mainly in the Menorca island.
+ who which conversation don't contribute to arrive to good end a argumentation
trempera (noun masc.)
Erection A very well known La Trinca's song says ... "La trempera matinera no és trempera vertadera, és trempera de pixera." Translation "Wake-up erection is not a real erection but a urination one."
tres quarts de pixa i no em bufa (expression)
a quarter to taking a pee and no blowing (literally) It is said when somebody asks for time. It is way to joke. The sentence has no other purpose.
trinxeraire (masc. noun)
lout / tramp
trio (masc. noun)
txamusca FIRE Specially used when askin for fire to somebody: "Tens txamusca?" literally "Do you have fire?"
little, small
txitxarrero (noun) ex.:anar a cal txitxarrero
to go to the gynecologist txitxarrero comes from txitxi that means female genitals
txolles (noun fem pl)
long hair Very widespread and used currently. It even appears in a song by te Catalna rock band Els Pets:"...i unes txolles que et tapaven les orelles..." ("...and a long hair that covered your ears...")
tòtil (masc. noun)
stupid comes from the name of the amphibian Alytes obstetricans

Ves a parir mones
Fuck off Litteral translation: To go to breed monkeys
ves-te'n a prendre pel cul (command!)
++ fuck off Literal translation: go and take it up the arse.

xarnego (noun, adjective)
Castilian immigrant It refers mainly to immigrants from Castilia, but it applies for people from Galicia and Andalusia.
immigrant It refers mainly to immigrants from Castilia, but it applies for people from Galicia and Andalusia.
xona (female noun)
+ female genitals
xoroiar (verb)
to spy mainly used in the Menorca island. The equivalnet in the insular catalan is: espiar.
Penis, dick Xufa (earth almond) is a small tubercle from Valencian Country. A popular cold drink of white colour, called 'orxata' (orgeat) is extracted from the xufa. 'Would you like to taste my orxata?'

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