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adelfi (noun)
homosexual (male), wimp, sissy Literally means "sister". Moderately offensive word to refer to someone who is gay.
+ testical, balls (singular) used very commonly by youths describing someone who has betrayed them, backstabed them or in general has done something secretely against their friendship.

gama stavros sou (phrase NB. the g is soft,like Arabic gh))
++ I fucked your cross Both obscene and blasphemous, and deeply offensive on both counts. Used to someone who has really pissed you off (and is preferably smaller than you!)
gamw (w stands for omega, pronounced "o")
+ to fuck, to screw Frequently used in all kinds of circumstances, and in various forms: "Gamw'to!" ("Damn!") "Thelw na tin gamisw" ("I'd like to screw her") "Ta gamisa" ("I messed up").

headbanger, or long haired heavy metal fan This word is the term used to describe a person who belongs to the subcultural group referred to in English as Headbangers or Heavy Metal fans. It is a nice way to categirise someone, thus insulting them, or it can be seen as an insult because it can also mean (you long haired loser wastoid)
hyessou, hyesse [HYESS-oo, HYESS-eh] (verb, usually imperative)
+ bullshit; shit In Greece, they would say "Ay hyessou," Greek-Americans in New Jersey and Atlanta, Georgia often say "Hyesse" or, in an American sentence, "hyessie," as in, You looked scared enough to hyessie your pants." It is most often used as an expletive expressing disbelief: "Ay Hyessou!"

kargiola (noun)
++ bitch, whore Very offensive, refering to a bad-mannered woman who is -supposedly- looking for sex all the time. "Parata tin kargiola!": "Dump the bitch!"
++ Dirtydog or dogshit The word kopro means shit and the word skilo means dog. Use this word to insult someone, it means they are a dirty piece of the lowest form of shit. Or it can also be slang for bastard.

malakas (noun)
+ wanker, someone who masturbates frequently A very common word in Greek. Its modern meaning is just "stupid", or "incapable". Used freely among friends, quite offensive against strangers!
mouni (noun)
+ vagina Common, but slang; should not be used in front of ladies! Can mean also a very nice woman: "Thee mou, ti mouni einai auto?" "My God, what a gorgeous woman!". Sometimes also means a messy situation: "Ta'kana mouni" "I screwed up everything".
a dude, or someone with an attitude problem You can use this word as an insult, you can call someone a manga if you think he/she is too full of themselves, or an egoist. Or you can call your friend a munga or a mungaki as a term of affection, or when the word is used sarcastically. Munga is usually the masculine form of the noun, and mungissa is the female form of the noun.

+ The correct form and spelling of the noun is "pousths"; the letter "h" stands for eta, and is pronounced "i". Today it is mainly used as a heavy insult, and to refer to someone who has done you wrong: "Ton pousth, mou katastrepse to amaksi!" ("He wrecked my car, the son of a bitch!")
+ faggot Pronounced 'poostee.' Unsure of the spelling, will have to ask my greek friends.

skata (explative)
+ shit

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