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a viente! (interjection)
+ back at you! This is a very useful and common comeback used when someone is insulting your "madre"; see also "madre". It is basically a nonsense phrase that sames "same to you!" (Mexican slang).
abadesa (noun, fem.)
pimp This term refers to a female or male pimp. Its other meaning is "head of the house". It is pronounced "ah-bah-DE-sa". (Mexican slang).
acabar (verb)
to ejaculate or, more general to have an orgasm Used in Argentina. Literally it means to finish. Ohhh, estoy por acabar !! meaning Ohhh, I'm going to have an orgasm !!. It's obvious when it's used.
acostarse con rosemaria (phrase)
to smoke marijuana Literally...."to go to bed with rosemary" (in reference to the herb). (Mexican slang)
aduana (noun, fem.)
whorehouse Also means "customs station". (Mexican slang)
agarraderas (noun, fem., plural.)
+ tits This term is derived from agarrar (verb, trans.). Thus, this actually means "things to grab". (Mexican slang)
agilipollao (adj)
stupid, fool In Spain. Derived from gilipollas. Ex. Estas agilipollao
aguacates (noun, masc.,plural)
testicles (lit) avocados; (Mexican slang)
aguayon torneado (noun, masc.) (adj., masc.)
+ testicles (Mexican slang)
albondigas (noun, fem., plural)
+ testicles This term literally means "meatballs" or "fishballs". It is pronounced "al-BONE-dee-gaas". (Mexican slang).
alimentos (noun, masc., plural.)
+ tits Literally, this word means "food allowance" or "alimony". (Mexican slang)
almeja (noun)
+ cunt (direct translation= clam) A very strong word. DO NOT say it to a lady! Used in phrases such as : "le comi la almeja" which means "I licked her cunt"
andar con el cutis flojo (phrase)
to have diarrhea This phrase actually means...." to walk around with loose skin". (Mexican Spanish)
andar con mal tapon (phrase)
to have constipation This phrase actually means...." to walk around with a defective cork". This phrase is used as an insult when talking to someone who is uptight. (Mexican slang)
andar jineteando alazon (phrase)
to menstruate The term "alazon" is a reddish-brown plant with sour juice. (Mexican slang)
angel custodio (noun, masc.) (adj., masc.)
condom (lit) guardian angel. It is pronounced "AHN-jail cus-toe-DIO". (Mexican Spanish)
angel de la guardia
condom (lit) guardian angel; see also angel custodio. (Mexican Spanish)
anus This term is basically a Mexican parroting of the word "anus". It is pronounced "AHN-niece". (Mexican Spanish)
aparato (noun, masc.)
penis (lit) apparatus; (Mexican slang)
apedrear (verb, trans.)
to reek of shit Also, has another meaning: "to stone to death". (Mexican slang)
apretada (noun, fem.)
a young woman who is snobby and very frigid (not necessarily a virgin), who has little or no sexual experience As an adjective, it means "tight" and "stingy". (Mexican slang)
aracata (noun, fem.)
marijuana (Mexican Spanish)
arma (noun, fem.)
penis Literally, this means "weapon"; pronounced "AR-mah".
+ horny Used in Peru and Ecuador for "horny"
arrima tu prima
fuck the hell out of your cousin these are cool words around gentleman
asqueroso (adjective)
smth. disgusting - una cosa asquerosa
asqueroso,a (noun)
disgusting person, asshole
atizar coliflor tostada (phrase)
to smoke marijuana Literally...."to smoke toasted cauliflower". (Mexican slang)
atizar mota (verb, trans.) (noun, fem.)
to smoke marijuana Literally...."to stir the powder". (Mexican slang)
avergallon (noun, masc.)
masturbation of the penis see also vergallo; (Mexican slang).
ay joven! (interjection)
+ This is a popular comeback said in response to someone who is talking about their "dick". More or less, it means..."Oh yeah, the small one!" (Mexican slang)
ayotes (noun, masc., plural)
+ testicles This term literally means "pumpkins"; (Mexican slang).

bacalao (noun, masc.)
++ cunt (lit) codfish; (Mexican slang)
bajar al pozo
to eat pussy Cuban usage. Ex: A Pedro le gusta bajar al pozo. Translation: Pete likes to eat pussy.
bandera roja (noun, fem.) (adj., fem.)
menstruation Literally, this means "red flag".
bastardiar (verb)
to have sex outside of marriage This term literally means "to produce bastards". (Mexican slang)
basuco (noun, masc.)
crack (smokable form of cocaine) pronounced "baa-SU-co"; Mexican, Central and South American Spanish)
berreadero (noun, masc.)
whorehouse, brothel (Mexican Spanish)
beso negro (noun)
++ The act of having a woman or a man sucking someone´s anus (ass hole), first licking the external surroundings of it and afterwards having her/his tongue introduced into the rectum completely. Literally, black kiss. It is a term widely known among promiscuous social stablishments in Spain, but also known as an act of supreme and refined taste among aristocrats in Spain, France and Italy for the last two centuries. It was considered as about the most pleasant act a female could do for a man, and is widely documented in French and Spanish Erotic Literature. Also, Spanish and French courtesans would appreciate the quality of a gentleman´s manners by the way he would perform it. Nowadays, it is becoming a fashionable act, as tradition is recovered.
bicho (noun)
Refers to the male penis It is commonly use in Puerto Rico to refer to the male penis, not in a disrespectful way, but with a common street name. In South America it means a litle animal, something like a bug or spider.
bollo (masc., noun)
+ cunt, pussy used in western Venezuela. Example: Tremendo bollo!! (Nice cunt!!!). Please note that in other areas of Venezuela it means 'mess' or 'trouble' so the same expression 'Tremendo bollo' would mean 'big mess' or 'deep trouble' in other areas of the same country.
bombear (verb, trans.)
to have sex outside of marriage This term literally means "to pump". (Mexican slang)
buscar flete
to hunt for pussy, go looking for a piece of ass Cuban slang. Example: Oye chico, vamos a salir a buscar flete por ahi. Translation: Hey man, let's go out and look for some ass.

caballo (noun)
heroin Literally means "horse". The word "Jaco" has the same meaning.
++ Maxi pad (i.e., kotex, stayfree, etc.). Literally, it means "horse". Rude only when used in this sense.
cabron (noun, masc.)
billy-goat (literally), cuckold (fig.) Widely used as an insult meaning, besides cuckhold, son of a bitch, bastard, dishonest or treacherous person.
cabrón (noun, masc.)
+ a man who allows another man to have sex with his woman and doesn't do anything about it Literally, this word means billy-goat. However, this widely used term means more than just bastard or bitch. This is a VERY rude term in Mexico, Central and South America. It can also mean faggot. An example of its usage lies in this popular phrase: "Chingate tu madre, cabron!" ("Fuck your mother, you fucking incompetent piece of shit who can't even get an erection!")
cachapera (fem, noun)
lesbian used in Venezuela. Can also be used as a verb (Cachapear). Example: Ellas se estaban cachapeando/ Ellas estaban cachapeandose (They were having lesbian sex). Derived from the word cachapa, a very thin mashed fresh corn grilled cake/patty, that is usually served in stacks like pancakes in U.S.
++ to copulate Used in Perú. For other countries, see "tirar", "coger", "cepillar" ",montar", "comer"
cagada (noun,fem)
+ shit, dook, stinky poo equivalent to 'shit', you may say 'es la cagada' meaning 'it is the shit'
calabazo (noun, masc.)
buttocks or rump It is pronounced "cah-la-BAH-so". (Mexican slang).
capullo (noun, masc.)
bud (literally) glans, the head of the penis (fig.) Used as an insult it means asshole, idiot.
carajo (noun, masc.)
penis (falling into disuse with this meaning) Widely used in expressions like "Vete al carajo" (Go to hell!), "Que carajo quieres?" (What the fuck do you want?)
Damn it! This is a general expression that is always used as an expletive. Its equivalent in English would be "Oh, Fuck!" or "Oh, Shit!". Used throughout Spain and Mexico.
casquete (verb)
+ fuck (have a) to have a fuck. For example " hechar un casquete " to have a fuck. Quite rude so don't say it to a lady if you fancy a shag.
+ fuck (have a) to have a fuck. For example " hechar un casquete " to have a fuck. Quite rude so don't say it to a lady if you fancy a shag.
chacon (noun, fem)
+ cunt This come from the Argentinian lunfardo (slang) where many words are inverted by sillabes. So the original is concha. La chacon de tu madre should be read as La concha de tu madre (Your mother's cunt)
In Spain, male homosexual prostitute Quite despective; only poor kids are supposed to play with "chapas".
chardo (noun, masc.)
+ black person This is Cuban slang for "nigger".
chichis (noun)
+ Tits Used to talk about "large" women. You know what I mean.
chilito (noun, masc.)
++ little dick pronounced "chee-lee-tow"; (Mex. Spanish). Watch out! A chilito is also a food item on the menu at Taco Bell. In Mexico, however, it is a BIG insult!
opium or pure heroin see also "chocalate de fu man chu". (Mexican slang)
Chinga tu madre
Fuck your mother I think it speaks for itself.
chingalo! (phrase)
+ fuck it! This interjection is derived from chingar (verb, trans.). It is pronounced "CHEEN-gah-low"; (Mexican Spanish).
to fuck Mexican Spanish. Can be used on its own or in a sentence as 'chinga tu puta madre'. Literally it means 'fuck your mother of a whore' and is used in the same sense as 'fuck you'.
chingate (verb)
++ fuck you pronunced "cheen-ga-tay" (Mex. Spanish)
piss As an interjection, it can also mean "shh!" or "pst!"; (Mexican slang).
chocalate de fu man chu
opium or pure heroin see also "chinaloa". (Mexican slang)
chocho (adj. masc.)
cunt Has the same meanings in Spain as in Mexico. Can be used as verb: "chochear", meaning that you are senile; rude for people over 50 Ex. "Este tio chochea"
chocho (noun, masc.)
+ cunt (Mexican slang). It can also mean "an old person ready for death." It is pronounced "CHO-cho".
chocho, chocha (noun, masc. or fem.)
cholo (noun, masc.)
pimp (Mex. and Puerto Rican Spanish) This word is also used to mean half-breed / mixed race.
chora (noun, fem.)
marijuana It is pronounced "CHO-rah". (Mexican slang)
chucha cuerera (noun, fem.) (adj., fem.)
+ slut; a very sexually experienced female (Mexican slang)
Chupame la polla!!!
++ Suck my dick Someone wrote Chupar Es Mi pinga..... that doesn't make any sense, you could say 'Chupame mi pinga' or 'Chupame la polla' or 'Chupamela'. All of them are very rude.
Chupar Es Mi Pinga
+ suck my dick pronounced- chewpar s me peenga
chuperson (noun, fem.)
+ penis It is pronounced "chew-pear-SON". (Mexican slang)
cipote (noun, masc.)
++ to copulate Used in Argentina, Uruguay and Mexico. For other countries, see "tirar", "cachar", "cepillar" ",montar", "comer"
++ to fuck around Cuban slang. Example: Pedro siempre esta cojoneando conmigo. Translation: Pete's always fucking around with me.
cojones (noun, masc. pl.)
balls, testicles Also used as an interjection denoting surprise, annoyance.
colgados (noun, masc., plural)
+ old tits This term refers to the withered titties of old ladies. As an adjective, it means to frustrate. (Mexican Spanish)
+ eat shit! This word is very commonly used by Cubans.
+ to copulate Used in Perú, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Venezuela. Lit. "to eat". For other countries, see "cachar", "coger", "cepillar" ",montar", "tirar"
concha (fem. noun)
+ cunt Uruguayan slang. La concha de tu madre (your mom's cunt) is a strong insult. La concha tuya (your cunt). Conchita (diminutive), Concha Peluda (hairy cunt) are other common uses of the word.
conejo (noun, masc.)
rabbit (literally), cunt (fig.)
correrse (verb, reflexive)
to have an orgasm the intransitive "correr" means to run. Only the reflexive form has a sexual connotation.
coño (noun, masc.)
cunt May be used as an interjection meaning surprise, annoyance, or physical pain.
+ pussy Used mostly in Puerto Rico.
++ to move the ass (lit), to fuck (fig)
(noun, Spain) Petty drug dealer who smuggles hashish from Morocco to Spain by hiding it within his/her ass. (adj, Mexico) unpleasant, stroppy.
culo (noun, masc.)
cusca (noun, fem.)
slut (Mex. Spanish)
cutre (masc. or fem., noun & adjective)
idiot, jerk; sth you don't like (una cosa cutre)

dabuten (adj.)
great, cool (una tía dabuten: a great girl) especially used in Madrid, derived from "de puta madre"; same meaning as: chachi, guay
dar candela por el culo
++ to take it up the ass;to fuck someone in the ass; Cuban usage; Ex: A Maria le gusta que le dan candela por el culo. Translation: Mary likes to take it up the ass.
dar por (el) culo
to bugger
del rejue (phrase)
prostitute (Mexican and Guat. slang)
del rejuego (phrase)
prostitute variation of rejue; (Mexican and Guat. slang)

el de atras (phrase)
+ asshole (lit) "the thing in your bottom". (Mexican slang)
el sin mangas (phrase)
condom (Mexican slang)
encular (verb)
+ to bugger To fuck by the asshole.
ese (noun, masc.)
homeboy A very friendly term to refer to your amigo. (Mexican and Puerto Rican Spanish); An example: "Oye ese! Que hay de nuevo?" ("Hey there, homeboy, what's up?").

Fachar (verb)
to fuck a woman "Esta buena, yo me la facho" used in Venezuela
falo (noun, masc.)
to cruise,to walk the streets verb used in Cuba to describe what streetwalkers do. Example: Maria esta fleteando por las calles hoy, Translation: Mary is cruising the streets today.
follar (verb, trans. and intrans.)
to fuck
foquin (adj.)
+ fucking This is a Puerto Rican parroting of the English "fucking." It is pronounced "FOH-kin"

gilipollas (adjective)
dumb ass, idiot, stupid used in spain
grifear (verb)
to smoke marijuana (Mexican Spanish)
drug-induced intoxification This term can also refer to someone who is constantly "strung out" on drugs. (Mexican slang)
grilla (noun, fem.)
marijuana (lit) female cricket; a quarrel. (Mexican, Central and South American slang)
gumersinda (noun, fem.)
raw heroin, crude opium (Mexican slang)
+ cock noun used commonly in Santo Domingo instead of "pinga", especially in phrases such as "mama mi güebo" (suck my cock).

hacer la sopa (verb)
to perform oral sex to a woman, to lick a woman´s pussy (fig.) Literally means " to make a soup" . Example : Te voy a hacer la sopa ( I am going to suck your pussy)
hacer la (una) paja
to masturbate The reflexive form ("hacerse una paja") means to masturbate oneself. The transitive form ("le hizo una paja a su amigo") means to masturbate somebody else.
hacer un cuadro
to make a daisy chain Cuban usage. Vamos buscar tres jebas y hacer un cuadro. Translation: Let's find three broads and make a daisy chain.
hacer una cubana (transitive and regular verb, periphrasis)
++ to place a man's pennis between woman's breasts and use these to shake it up, so that the man can jerk off on them It is frequently used in Spain as to define the hottest act a woman may perform for a man.I.e: Hazme una cubana, hazme una cubanita.
hacerse las punjetas [nj as in Espanja)
+ To masturbate
hierba (noun, fem.)
marijuana This term literally means "grass" or "herb"; (Mexican Spanish). (see also "yerba")
hijo de puta
son of a bitch
it means punch or hit also used as an exclamation used in spain
huevos (guevos)
eggs (lit) testicles

impermeable (noun, masc.)
condom Actually, this is the Spanish word for "raincoat". (Mexican slang)
ir a botar el agua al canario
to go take a leak; to piss; Cuban slang. Ex: Voy a botar el agua al canario. Translation: I'm gonna go take a leak.
ir a desgastar el petate (phrase)
+ to have sex Literally..."to wear down the bedding". (Mexican slang)
ir a desvencigar la cama (phrase)
+ to have sex Literally..."to go break the bed". (Mexican slang)
ir a hacer de las aguas (phrase)
+ to have sex Literally..."to go make some water". (Mexican slang)
ir a la junta de consiliacion (phrase)
to have sex Literally..."to go to a meeting". (Mexican slang)
ir a la lucha super libre a calzon (phrase)
+ to have sex Literally..."to go remove clothing". (Mexican slang)
ir a percudir el cochon (phrase)
+ to have sex Literally..."to tarnish the matress". (Mexican slang); pronounced "ear ah pear-cu-DEER el coal-CHON".
ir a rechinar la cama (phrase)
+ to have sex Literally..."to make the bed squeak". (Mexican slang)
ir a un entierro (phrase)
+ to have sex Literally..."to go to the grave". (Mexican slang)

joder (verb, trans. and intrans.)
to fuck
to fuck, to bother.
Jodete y aprieta el culo!
++ Cuban slang. Means: Go fuck yourself! Need anything be said of this expression?
Faggot. Literally, "Joto" is the Jack from a deck of cards.
jugar a los dos bandos
+ to swing both ways; to be bisexual; Cuban verbal expression, Ex: Yo creo que Pedro juega a los dos bandos. Translation: I think Pete swings both ways.

La concha de tu madre
++ Fuck your mother Argentine- Chilean slang. Also "conche tu madre". Equivalent to Mexican "Chinga tu madre"
las zonas (noun, fem., plural)
red light districts These are the areas in Mexican and Columbian cities where male and female prostitutes have sex with their clients inside of blanket partitions hung up on clotheslines; pronounced "lass SOH-naas".
leche (noun, fem.)
milk (literally), semen (fig.) As an expletive it translates roughly as Shit, Fuck.
lina (noun, fem.)
line of cocaine (Mex. Spanish)
llello (noun, masc.)
cocaine, crack (Mex. and Puerto Rican Spanish)

madama (noun, fem.)
female pimp or head of the whorehouse Mexico has many "madamas" and also several nicknames for them. (Mexican slang)
madre (noun, fem.)
++ mother fucker In Mexico, this is the same as saying "mother fucker". If you want to talk about your mother or someone else's mother in a friendly manner, say "mama". If you have a death wish, say "Oye! Tu madre!" on the streets of Mexico. Mexicans take their mother's very seriously!
madre superiora (noun, fem.) (adj., fem.)
female pimp (lit) mother superior; (Mexican slang)
madrina (noun, fem.)
female pimp (Mexican slang)
madrota (noun, fem.)
female pimp (Mexican slang)
mal aire (adj., masc.) (noun, masc)
to fart Means "bad air". It is a general term used in all Spanish-speaking countries.
mala semana (adj., fem) (noun, fem.)
menstruation Literally, means "bad week". It is pronounced "MA-la say-MAH-na".
maleton (noun, masc.)
+ son of a bitch Literally, this term appears to mean "you are a bad one," however, it is quite an insult to Mexicans and South Americans.
malva (noun, fem.)
marijuana (Mexican slang)
mamar (verb, trans. and intrans.)
to suck
+ cunt It is pronounced "MAH-may". (Mexican Spanish)
manchas (noun, fem. plural)
+ tits Its other meaning is "spot" or "stain". It might not be wise to use this as an interjection since it also means "wet paint!". (Mexican Spanish)
manga (noun, fem.)
condom (Mexican slang)
mango (noun, masc.)
very sexy man (Mex. Spanish); This term actally refers to the enticing taste of the tropical fruit. An example of its usage: "Chihuahua!!! Mire a ese mango!!!"
mango de manila (phrase)
sexy woman (Mexican slang)
+ homosexual (noun)
maricon (noun, masc.)
male homosexual As an insult it has more or less the same meaning as "cabron"
maricon de playa
faggot {the worst kind} used in spain
Lesbian. I suppose it's derived from Mari (Maria?) + Mach(o).
mariscala (noun, fem.)
female pimp It is equivalent to "madame". (Mexican slang)
mary (noun, fem.)
marijuana (Mexican slang)
mastuerzo (noun, masc.)
marijuana This term can also mean stupid person, however its more popular usage refers to the drug; (Mexican slang).
matraca (noun, fem.)
machine gun (Mexican street slang)
mayate (noun, masc.)
+ homosexual This word is equivalent to "faggot". (Mexican Spanish)
me cago en ...
++ fuck the ...; literally "I shit on ..." examples: me cago en ...(San) Dios; la madre que te parió; la virgen santa; los santos de Covadonga; el obispo negro; la leche; etc.
me cago en la tapa del organo y me revuelco encima de la mierda (phrase)
++ Damn it, shit Phrase used when things went wrong or had unexpected bad results
me vale or me vale madre
I don't give a fuck or "me vale Madre", which is a slightly stronger way of putting it. used when someone is nagging you or being bothersome. Used as a comeback or expletive
mecos (noun, masc.)
+ semen (Mexican Spanish)
mermelada de miembrillo
+ semen Literally, this means "marmalade of the smaller limb". (Mexican Spanish)
meterla de mira quien viene
++ to fuck doggie-style, to fuck in the ass Cuban slang. Ex: Te la voy a meter de mira quien viene. Trans: I'm gonna fuck you doggie style.
++ monkey (lit), cunt Costa Rica
miembrillo (noun, masc.)
penis This is Mexican Spanish which refers to the penis as a "member" or a "limb".
mierda español
++ Persona que vive en españa
minga (noun):
Penis. Not particularly offensive. Used in medieval castillian, might be translated as "choad".
moco de caca
shit, crap Often used by the Spanish people living in South Woodford halls of residence. Its literal meaning is 'mocus made of poo'
mojar (el churro) (verb)
+ to screw, to fuck Literally: Dip the "churro" (spanish pastry). Used in Spain, mainly in conversation between friends.
moravia (noun, fem.)
marijuana (Mexican slang)
morisqueta (noun, fem.)
marijuana (Mexican slang)
morrongo (noun, masc.)
+ dick (Mexican slang)
mota (noun, fem.)
marijuana (lit) speck; (Mexican slang)
motivosa (noun, fem.)
marijuana (Mexican slang)
motocicleta (noun, fem.)
marijuana Literally, this means "motorcycle". (Mexican slang)
motor de chorro (phrase)
marijuana (Mexican slang)
motorizar (verb, trans.)
to smoke marijuana (Mexican, Central and South American slang)
muchachas putierrez
prostitutes (Mexican and Guat. slang)
mugir (verb, intrans.)
to reek of shit; to nauseate (lit) to roar; (Mexican Spanish)
mula (noun, fem.)
+ impotent male It is a BIG insult to imply that a Mexican man is unable to have children. (Mexican Spanish)
+ SHIT! shit

nabo (noun, masc.)
turnip (literally), penis (fig.)
nalga de angel (phrase)
marijuana (lit) "a buttock of an angel"; (Mexican slang)
nido (noun, masc.)
+ cunt (lit) nest or hiding place; (Mexican slang)
ninfo (noun, masc.)
+ homosexual Its equivalent in English is "faggot". Literally, this means "male nymph". (Mexican and Guat. Spanish)
no mames (interjection)
You're shittin' me. Literally translated, Don't suck me. (From the verb, mamar, to suck) Used very casually among Mexicans, especially the males. Pronounced no MAH-mace

obraderas (noun, fem., plural)
diarrhea or "the runs" It is derived from obrar (verb, trans.), which means "to have a bowel movement". (Mexican slang)
obrar (verb, trans.)
to defecate Also means "to perform" or "to build".
obstaculos (noun, masc., plural)
testicles It is pronounced "ob-STAH-cu-los". (Mexican slang)
ocho ochenta! (phrase)
I do not care what you say! This is equivalent to a nonsense phrase, such as "Blah, blah, blah!" or "Duh!" Literally it means "eight-eighty". (Mexican slang)
oregano (noun, masc)
marijuana It is pronounced "oh-RAY-gah-no". (Mexican slang)
oregano chino (noun, masc)
marijuana (lit) chinese herb; see also oregano (Mexican slang)
orto (noun, mas)
+ ass Used in Argentina and Uruguay - Te voy a romper el orto (I'm gonna break your ass)

paja (fem, noun)
+ masturbation Used in Colombia
pajero (noun, masculine)
+ Jerk-off; jackoff; person who masturbates A car known in the US as the Montero is sold in some European markets as the "Pajero," a name which some of my Spanish and Portuguese friends find hilariously stupid.
panocha, la
+ cunt (female genitalia) [panotSa] literally "sweetbread". Mexican dialect
+ The tropical fruit papaya (Noun) Used mainly by Cubans, it refers to the vulva and vagina. Only appropriate in guy-talk. It should never be said to a female.
papayona or papallona
+ Being similar to the fruit papaya (Adj) Commonly used by Cubans. It is an insult directed at males and female when they do something annoying, such as cutting you off in traffic. Basically, you are calling the person a big vagina. The term is based on the analogy between the fleshy and juicy fruit and the vagina.
pechos (noun, masc., plural)
pedazo (masc. noun)
+ lit. piece; fig. penis Uruguayan slang for penis. Not as widely used as 'pito' or 'verga'.
pedazo de pelotudo
+ fucking idiot Commonly used in B.A. (Argentina) in street quarrels
a fart when someone passes gas, or what you call a misceivious person
pelotas (noun, fem. pl.)
balls (literally), testicles (fig.)
pelotas michinados (noun, fem., adj., masc.)
+ blue balls pronounced "pay-low-tas mee-chee-na-doze." It used only in jest with close friends. Otherwise, its usage is quite strong. This is most commonly used in Mexico, Central and South America.
pelotudo (masc. adj.)
dumbass Common slang for someone who is careless, doesn't care much about what he does, etc.
+ idiot. In Mex. Spanish it is rather strong. You can't use that word on TV.
pepita (noun, fem.)
pip, nugget (literally), clitoris (fig.)
perico (noun, masc.)
cocaine literally it means "the bird that talks too much": pronounced "pay-ree-co". This term is used in Mexico, Central and South America.
picha (noun, fem.)
+ penis Spoken only in Chile. In other parts of South America they say "Ocho y pico" like eightish.
penis, used as an insult and as an exclamation used in Murcia, in Madrid it means prepy boy
pijo, pija (noun, masc. or fem.)
penis As an adjective ("Un niño pijo" "Una tia pija") means snob, snooty.
fucking Mexican Spanish.
+ dick pronounced- peen-ga
english This is a medical term used in urine analysis.
Pipote (noun)
++ clitoris Literally: "big sunflower seed". So called because of the resemblance in shape to the clitoris. Used mainly in southern Spain.
pito (masc. noun)
+ penis Uruguayan slang for penis. 'Chupame el pito" (suck my dick), 'Agarrame el pito' (grab my dick). See also 'pedazo' and 'verga'
polla (noun, fem.)
popa (noun)
+ arse not commonly used as arse: more commonly used to describe something to do with the arse , for example " ponerse en popa " which means " arse in the air" (ready to get fucked doggy-style)
low life used in spain
puta (noun, fem.)
prostitute, whore.
Puta la madre, puta la hija.
++ Like mother, like daughter. Common Spanish saying. It doesn't translate well into English. What it says is that a whoring woman is that way because her mother was also a whore. A chip off the old block.

que serra
quebracho (noun, masc.)
+ homosexual also see quebrachon; (Mexican slang)
quebrachon (noun, masc.)
+ homosexual variation of quebracho; (Mexican slang)
quedada (noun, fem.)
+ an ugly, old maid Its other meaning is "still" or "gentle". It is pronounced "Kay-DAH-dah". (Mexican slang)
quedar de encargo (phrase)
to knock up; to get a female pregnant The literal meaning of this is "to find a job". (Mexican slang)
quilombo (noun)
whorehouse Used primarily in the River Plate, i.e., Uruguay and Argentina. A popular spot for teenage male youth.
quinto (noun, masc.)
virgin The dictionary meaning of this word is "fifth". (Mexican slang)
quitarle al mondongo un peso de encima (phrase)
to defecate Literally..."to empty out the intestines". (Mexican slang)

rabo (noun, masc.)
tail (literally), penis (fig.)
raja (noun, fem.)
slit (literally), cunt (fig.)
reata (noun, fem.)
penis (lit) rope; (Mexican slang)
(verb, reflexive) to have an orgasm
regir (verb, trans., intrans.)
to defecate (lit) "to rule". (Mexican slang)
remame (noun, masc.)
+ cunt variation of mamey; (Mexican slang)
remolino del pellejo (phrase)
anus (lit) "the whirlpool in the skin". (Mexican slang)
rene (noun, masc.)
+ black person This is almost equivalent to the strong English word, "nigger". Mexicans call African-Americans this word. However, they also use it amongst themselves as an insult to a person of Mexican descent who has extremely dark skin. It is a big insult to call someone "el rene". (Mexican slang)
repisas (noun, fem., plural)
tits (lit) shelves; (Mexican slang)
resbalon (noun)
whorehouse, brothel It is pronounced "rays-bal-OHN". (Mexican and Guat. slang)
retazo macizo (noun, masc.)
+ dick ratazo = piece, macizo = stiff, solid; (Mexican slang)
retozona (noun, fem.)
prostitute As an adjective, this means "frisky". (Mexican slang)
revisar los interiores (phrase)
+ to have sex Basically, this means "to go check out the insides". (Mexican slang)
riata (noun, fem.)
+ dick (Mexican slang)
rifle (noun, masc.)
penis This is an example of direct Mexican parroting of the English word "rifle". However, be careful with this slang is pronounced "REE-flay". (Mexican slang)
romper (verb, trans.)
to have sex with a virgin; "deflower" Literally, this means "to tear;to break down". (Mexican Spanish)
romper el tambor (phrase)
to have sex with a virgin; "deflower" Literally, this means "to bust open the screen". (Mexican slang)
rul (noun, masc.)
+ asshole (Mexican slang)
rulacho (noun, masc.)
+ anus Its equivalent in English is "asshole". (Mexican slang)
rule (noun, masc.)
traveling career-prostitute It is pronounced "RUH-lay". (Mexican slang)
ruletera (noun, fem.)
traveling career-prostitute see also "rule". (Mexican slang)

seguidillas (noun, fem., plural)
diarrhea or "the runs" (Mexican slang)
ser mas puta que las gallinas
to be horny as they make 'em,to be very promiscuous Cuban usage. Ex: Maria es mas puta que las gallinas. Translation: Mary is as horny as they make 'em.
singar de mira quien viene
++ to fuck doggy-style Cuban usage. Ex: A Maria le gusta singar de mira quien viene. Translation: Mary likes to fuck doggy-style.
sobo; sobarsela (sobarse la picha)
++ to masturbate Costa Rica
Ugly, monster, monstrous monster, ugly monstrous monster This word can be written as 'Sofia' or 'sofia', with no change of meaning. It comes from Greek and means 'the ugliest son of God' or 'how can ya be so f***ing ugly, mate?'. It's found in Reus (Spain) and other parts of Tarragones province.
soltura (noun, fem.)
diarrhea (lit) "looseness" or "freedom". It is quite an insult to call someone "soltura" in Mexico. (Mexican slang)
sombrero de Panama (phrase)
condom (lit) Panama's hat; (Mexican slang)
sopladores (noun, masc., plural)
+ testicles (Mexican slang)
subir al guayabo (phrase)
+ to have sex (lit) "to go up to the jelly"; (Mexican slang)

taconera (noun, fem.)
traveling prostitute This term is derived from the transitive verb taconear ("to fill / stuff"). It is pronunced "tah-co-NAY-rah". (Mexican slang)
tacuche de filiberto
condom tacuche = man's clothing, filiberto = penis; (Mexican slang)
tajarse (verb)
to get pissed Used in spain. pronounced ta-harse with an accentuated h.
tana (noun, fem.)
prostitute It is pronounced "TAH-na". (Mexican slang)
tanates (noun, masc., plural)
+ testicles (Mexican slang)
te voy a comer el bistec (male. noun)
++ i'm gonna stimulate your genitals by suckin' them. very rude guys use this phrase when they want to eat her partner's cunt. note: the literal translation of bistec is steak.
tener el famban barretoso
+ to have a big ass, have a juicy ass Cuban slang. Ex: Maria tiene el famban barretoso. Trans: Mary has a big juicy ass.
tener furor uterino
to be a nymphonmaniac Cuban usage. Ex: Ella tiene furor uterino. Translation: She's a nymphomaniac. She's got a hot pussy.
tener la mecha puesta
+ to have the rag on; to be menstruating; Cuban usage. Ex: Maria tiene la mecha puesta. Translation: Mary has the rag on.
to have the rag on, to menstruate Cuban slang. Ex: Maria tiene la mecha puesta hoy. Trans: Mary has the rag on today.
tener los mango bajitos
to have sagging teats Cuban usage. Ex: Maria tiene los mangos bajitos. Translation: Mary has sagging teats.
teta (noun, fem.)
timbon (adj.)
very fat It is pronounced "Teem-BOHN". (Mexican slang)
++ to copulate Used in Perú, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Venezuela. For other countries, see "cachar", "coger", "cepillar" ",montar", "comer"
tocho (adjetive)
big, huge Also used as superlative: "tochisimo". Only in central part of Spain (unknown in Andalucia).
tomar por (el) culo
to be buggered In the expression "A tomar por (el) culo" it means get stuffed, get fucked.
tompeates (noun, masc., plural)
+ testicles (Mexican slang)
tonto (noun, masc.)
- pussy, cunt
tortillera (noun, fem.)
tranca (noun, fem.)
crossbar, beam (literally), penis (fig.) Used to designate an unusually large penis.
trastero (noun, masc.)
+ anus (lit) storeroom, (fig) asshole; (Mexican slang)
tu chupas (phrase)
you suck This is just the conjugated form of the verb chupar, which means to suck.
tu madre tiene un pene.
++ your mother has a dick good to cut some ass hole who is buggi'n you :)
tu padre (madre) !
+ fuck your father ! (short from of "me cago en tu padre !")
tu puta madre
literally, your whorish mother. This is a catch-all expression which can be used in many contexts for added offensivenes. For example, instead of "chupamela" you could say "tu puta madre me la chupa".

Vaya al diablo!
+ Go to Hell! Literally, this means "go to the devil." It is a weaker substitution for "Vete al carajo!" This phrase is widely used in all Spanish-speaking countries.
verga (fem. noun)
++ penis Uruguayan slang for penis. 'Chupame la verga" (suck my dick). See also 'pito' and 'pedazo'
penis Common usage: "Mamame la verga" = "Suck my dick"
vergallito (noun, masc.)
+ masturbation of the penis (Mexican Spanish) Literally, "jerking off your little chicken". (see also vergallon)
vergallo (noun, masc.)
+ self-masturbation of the penis (Mexican slang)
vergallo (noun, masc.)
+ masturbation of the penis (Mexican Spanish) Literally, "choking your chicken". Often when describing this action to one another, Mexicans pretend to be a rooster jacking off. (see also vergallito)

yerba (noun, fem.)
marijuana This term literally means "grass" or "herb"; (Mexican Spanish). It is often spelled "hierba" as well.

zacate ingles (noun, masc., adj.)
marijuana Actually, this means "English hay". It is pronounced "sah-CAH-tay een-GLAZE". (Central American and Mex. Spanish)
zorrero (noun, masc.)
a thief who robs your house and then shits in the floor (Mexican Spanish); As an adjective, this word means sly or cunning.
zurramato (noun, masc.)
+ dumbass A general term applied to a combination of undesirable characteristics, such as stupid, lazy, and very ugly; (Mexican Spanish).
zurrar (verb, trans.)
to defecate This verb shares quite a few meanings, such as "to dress down", "to have an accident", "to trash", and "to beat up". In Argentina, zurrar means to fart noiselessly (or SBD, "silent but deadly"). Its usage refers to its context.

+ cock, specifically the glans penis noun used in Santo Domingo in phrases such as "macañema" (from "mascar": to chew) meaning cocksucker.

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