The following are miscellaneous links to friends, associates, internet resources and other sources of literary erotica on line. Please visit them and feel free to suggest new links that you find. The following are in no special order, since I'm to damned lazy to alphabetize.

Literary Resources
Resources for the writer and researcher on-line.

Resources for Writers and Writing Instructors
More academically-oriented, this site still has a lot of valuable information.

Library of Congress Home Page
Find any book published in the U.S.

Research It!
One of my favorite pages. On-line dictionary, thesaurus, translator, computer terms, etc., etc.

Writer's Resource Center
Lots of links for the aspiring literary master.

Erotica On-Line
Erotica on the Internet usually consists of endless banner ads and pay-to-play sites with little content and less intelligence. Here's some of the better ones.

Another old friend, Darklady has had a varied career as a freelance writer and reviews adult movies for AVN. Check out her page for some cool stuff.

Annie Sprinkle Gates of Heck Page
Sex goddess and guru Annie Sprinkle has some cool stuff here, as well as your chance to help her recover from a disastrous fire that destroyed most of her worldly possessions.

AVN Online
Well, Darklady has stuff here, and there's lotsa interesting information about adult movies and websites, so I'm sure you'll find it quite enlightening.

Grey Archive
A vast archive of erotic stories including slash and fan fic, but also with much original material. This one's been growing for many years and it's good to see that it's still on-line.

Naked Blades
The definitive fantasy erotica page, this site has moved to a new and vastly superior server without popups or annoying ads. I'm delighted to see 'em back on the Internet, and hope that their association with this new site is a long and happy one. There are some huge stories archived here, and well worth the download time!

Blue Blood
Given that Blue Blood bounced one of my stories with a rather nasty rejection letter many years ago, I'm still bound and determined to prove what a swell guy I am by linking to them. Check 'em out -- hot goth pictorials, articles, humor and other fun stuff. Maybe I'll try writing for them again one of these days now that they've thoroughly forgotten me. Oh yeah, also check out their affiliated site, Gothic Sluts. Hot goth babes getting naked and doing sick things. Who can ask for more?

Scarlet Letters
Erotica for women and, one hopes, for men who know how to behave themselves. One of the best sites of this sort that I've ever seen.

Raul's Sexy Females
This guy is one of the finest pin-up artists on the Internet. Check it out -- these are some of the hottest slices of cheesecake out there. I've asked if I can commission any art from him, but he's understandably busy. My god, that May 4th evil Jedi babe... Yowza...
(By the way, it has not escaped my notice that he refers to his hot sorceress babe as "Necrotia." Hmmm)
Yeah, it's a paysite, but that's okay... the gals here are cute, articulate and, above all else, real. (Oh, yeah... I don't get any kickbacks for directing folks to pay sites... I just think they're cool.)
Here's a rarity... a cool erotic website that originated in my hometown of Portland, OR. I joined since it's so bloody cheap, and hell, there's always the possibility that I might run into one of these young women down at Pioneer Courthouse Square and suavely say... "Uhhh.... uh... uh... hi... Are you the... the... you know... on that web site... Uh... you're cute... You know that I'm only 40?" And when that day does arrive, I will make sure and post at least one journal entry from prison...
What can I say about Bridgett? She's become one of my closest and most beloved friends, and she brings a rare sense of intellectualism, philosophy, surrealism and -- to my mind most importantly -- humor to the world of erotica, bondage and porn. She's a photographer, a poet, an artist, a performer, and so many other things. This is her site, spotlighting her work in photography, erotica and specifically suspension bondage, but there's much to look at here. And oh, yeah -- I'm one of the photographers, so enjoy!
This business is run by a dear friend of mine and her partner, and provides both familiar and exotic adult playthings. She's easily one of the most intelligent and attractive women I've ever met, and I'm more than happy to provide her and her partner with some free advertising. If you're in the market for intimate items for that special occasion, or that special someone, please check 'em out and throw your business if what they're selling tickles your fancy.

Fun Stuff
Stuff I like. This should give you some idea of what a nutcase you're dealing with...

The Evil Overlord List
Why is it that aspiring evil overlords always make the same mistakes over and over again? Well, this site tries to set that right, beginning with "When I am evil overlord, my ventilation shafts will be too small to crawl through," and going on from there. Follow these simple guidelines, and world domination will be a snap!

Gothic Babe of the Week
More of the above, this time with pale-skinned, black-wearing pretentious poetry-spouting gothchicks, some of whom are knockouts and some of whom are... well... scary (but then that's the idea, isn't it?). Some of 'em actually look cute posing in front of wrought-iron cemetery fences. "In Darkness My Heart Was Won." Jesus H. Christ, who writes this crap? (Probably taken from the Goth Quote Generator, actually.) Better enjoy the Goth culture in a hurry... It's almost out of style...

Note: I've since discovered that the line is actually a quote from Dead Can Dance, who are quite popular with the intellectualist goth set...

The Onion
America's number one satirical newspaper, with some of the most viciously funny stuff I've read in years. Better than the late lamented National Lampoon, even.