Heim Mass Formula Program

Recently a proposed TOE entitled Heim Theory developed by Burkhard Heim has been gaining momentum in the media (though it still seems to go largely unnoticed by the academic community).

According to Wikipedia:

Heim theory is a proposed 'theory of everything' based on the work of the German physicist Burkhard Heim. The theory attempts to resolve incompatibilities between quantum theory and general relativity. The term "Heim theory" is also used for theories which are extensions or generalisations of the original theory proposed by Heim.

The really interesting part though is that it seems Heim Theory is able to predict the masses and average lifetime of particles. There are two versions of Heims Mass Formula (1989 and 1982) in which the 1989 version is supposedly more precise. Finding this truely astonishing I couldn't help myself at attempting to code the 1989 derived mass formula given in the note below.

The result can be found in the Sourcecode link below. At this time there are many errors in the code but still it seems to be very accurate in predicting particle masses (albeit not as accurate as the results given by the Heim-Theory Group).

To Run the code simply type in a prompt:

   javac *.java

   java HeimUnit

It should then return the result of some 50-100 Unit Cases evaluating intermediate equation results and particle mass results with known values. Since a lot is returned you may want to use:

   java HeimUnit > Result.txt

[Disclaimer: I am not a physicist, and have no idea of the correctness of the derivation of Heim's Mass Formula, I have simply coded the mass formula given in the above notes. Also I have no affiliation whatsoever with the Heim Theory Group]