Index of Funny Bits


They are included only to make the lecture more entertaining.

Richard P. Feynman


Frederic Taylor's Bedtime Habits.

What Do Software Engineers Do?

Proper Parking.

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner.

How To Stuff A Duvet.

A Day In The Life.

Who Stole My Vole?

Coding Standards.

What Tools Are For.

Can You Say Programmer?

The Quality Audit.

Fairy Stories.

Early Microsoft Products.

Unsolicited Testimonial.

How To Mind Wipe Your Manager.

Harry Potter and the Pointy Haired Boss.

The Gameshow Gets Everyone.

Atoms As Big As Houses They Were!

Hu-bul's Reed Shift

Neils Bohr's Neck.

Isaac Newton's Kittens.

Move Over Mr. Creosote!