The Ghost Not - Key Points

Constantine Plotnikov

A. Ghost Not looks overcomplicated at first sight. I believe that there should a simplier way if concept will refined. I cannot catch relation between putting on whiteborad (map) and primary algebra (BTW Alan, when you will fix a bug in description of it?). Does you really need "crossing bound" concept in Ghost Not?) [My excuse is that it's one of the ways to see it - but you are right that it isn't necessary to explain the idea! - Alan]

B. I think that list of core ideas in consise form at end of papers will be very useful. I think that it is essential for simplifying papers. My starting point for "Ghost Not".

  1. World exists.
  2. It has consistsent state because it exists.
  3. Pleople organized external world as maps.
  4. These maps catch important for these people aspects of world and allow consious operations over world.
  5. The map is not a territory.
  6. People with "Ghost Not" think that their set of maps is a territory and deny existance of anything that is not on the map.
  7. People with "Ghost Not", when they are met with incompatible Map, dismiss any value of that map unless map is supported by some authority.
  8. People with "Ghost Not", when they are met with incompatible phenomens, try to explain it using their Map or dismiss phenomens.
  9. People without "Ghost Not", when they are met with incompatible Map, try to build more generic map that describes phenomens that are described by their map and map of other people.
  10. "Ghost Not" was developed as adaptation mechanism to M0.

C. I feel uncomfortable with usage of "isomorphism" term in some posts. It was said that a map is isomorphic to world. Isomorphism is relationship of equivalence in math. It is symetrical. So if we say that map is isomorphic to world, we say that map is the world and the world is the map. So the map is the territory. I do not think that it was intentendent meaning.