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Channeling is a very interesting phemon (If you set your sights a little lower than Sanat Kumara :-))

I had best results calling on myself in the future. This has the advantage of being a trusted source, all sorts of crap personalities out there, and communication difficulties are less. Worked it three times and then the apparency of a different personality had faded and I was left with a rather peculiar perception of the nature of time and very definite ideas on what Not to bet on at the horse races. hehe.

Best channellier award goes to Jane Roberts, author of 'Seth Speaks' and 'The Nature of Personal Reality'. Top grade stuff for loosening up ideas of the possible. Not recommended for those with hierarchical structure needs.

I'd best clarify the magic scenerio. Two facets to this. One is the huff and puff school best seen in the martial arts variants of Qui Gong where you collect, concentrate and focus all the personal energy possible and the break the 2nd brick in a pile of 12.

Second is where you merely hold the lightbulb and the zen cooperative universe screws it in, or your opponent breaks his leg on the way to the match. :-)

Number one has a rather severe limit in that to acquire sufficient power to do anything *really* interesting you end up not quite human. Not a good idea.

Number two is conceptually much more difficult but this is a deficiency in words only. The other problem with #2 is the everylasting tendency of humans to fiddle fiddle fiddle instead of just putting the intention out there and getting the hell out of the way.

The combination uses personal power to open potential spaces well in advance to the event. Theoretically you can do a lot more with this, theoretically its unlimited, but in practice existance is a group event and the self is in some very important aspects a shared resource. Even were someone misanthrope enough to try to raise a hurricane sufficient objections from others would appear and he'd probably wind up masturbating in a isolated corner without quite knowing why.

Anyway, the path of least resistance is a comparative vacuum in the direction of your momentum. This works like slipstreaming in a car race. Tuck in close to a lead car and the resistance is less. Problem is that unless you are some kind of robot the lead car is yourself in the near future which is sometimes not quite far enough ahead to be on the other side of a decision point and there it is again, time to sit and wait for the universe to catch up. Ah well, complaints about the slow universe go to the Creator of your choice. :-)

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