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allupato -a (adjective)
sexually excited The adjective comes from "lupo" (wolf) and literally means: "starved as a wolf". Note that a man (or woman) which is "allupato" often is also unlucky.
ammucchiata (feminine noun)
1) orgy; 2) political alliance. The word comes from the verb "ammucchiare" that means "to heap up". The second meaning of the word, i.e. "political alliance", is a derogatory term used to indicate a practice frequently used in Italy by parties not to loose power.
anale (adjective)
anal In vulgar language, this adjective is often used by self-proclaimed polite persons instead of other stronger sentences. E.g. "avere un amplesso anale" = "to have an anal intercourse" instead of "inculare".
arrapato -a (adjective)
+ sexually very excited. Unknown etymology. E.g. "Giovanni e' arrapato" = "Giovanni is very excited". Also the superlative "arrapatissimo" can be used.
arruso/arrusa (noun)
++ sodomy passive player Used in Palermo, Sicily, as general and strong offence. Being penetrated by the ass is a very big offence for average traditional sicilian men's proud. ex. "T' Taggh' a facc', arruso" (in threating sense) should sound like "I' ll strip our face, asshole".
assatanato -a (adjective)
1) sexually excited; 2) possessed. The adjective comes from Satan, and at present is nearly only used with the first meaning, which is the same of "allupato" (see). The second is the correct meaning, which is unused at present.

++ bitch, whore
bagnarsi (transitive verb used as reflexive)
to ejaculate in one's underwear This verb literally means "to get wet".
+ whore ?, bitch ? Insult used towards a woman.
balle (fem. noun, plural)
Testicles. This is a more sounding form for "palle".
to prostitute oneself usually "battere" in italian means "to beat" but "battere la strada"(lett."to beat the road")has the alternative meaning:to practice the prostitution on the road so "battona"(noun.fem.)is a female who "batte"
to prostitute oneself usually "battere" in italian means "to beat" but "battere la strada"(lett."to beat the road")has the alternative meaning:to practice the prostitution on the road so "battona"(noun.fem.)is a female who "batte"
penis he have a big belino
+ cock Used in North East of Italy
++ promiscuous woman lett. "woman who likes to give blow-jobs"
+ to suck a dickhead
Bofilo (masc)
++ blow job, oral sex Derived by omonimous "Bofill" cigarette holders,(in Italian cigarette holder means "bocchino" that means also "blow job") Used just in Bologna, (cfr. L' arte bolognese) ex. "stacciami un bofilo" = "make me a low job"
a worthless or useless thing
bordello (masc. noun)
1) unbearable noise or confusion; 2) brothel. At present the word is used nearly only with the first meaning.
+ pussy
bucaiolo (masc. noun)
+ Homosexual man who likes to be fucked. See "busone".
budi¨lo (noun)
+ asshole; Idiot, stupid Expression used in middle Italy (Toscana, namely in Livorno, against people of Pisa). Example: O budi¨lo d'un Pisano!
buona donna (adject. + fem. noun)
+ whorse The words literally mean "good woman", and are only used in the sentence "figlio di buona donna", corresponding, in the meaning, to "son of a bitch". Another Italian corresponding sentence is "figlio di puttana".
busone (masc. noun)
+ Homosexual man who likes to be fucked. The word, that literally means "big ass(hole)" is frequently used in Veneto and in Emilia. The term "ricchione" or "recchione", that comes from Naples, and the term "bucaiolo", that comes from Toscana, have the same meaning.

- poo, doo-doo
caccati in mano e prenditi a schiaffi
++ take a shit on your hands and hit yourself very coloured exprssion
++ secretion from the bases of the glandis lett. "cheese - glandis"
cadavere (masc. noun)
Ugly boy or girl The word literally means "corpse". See also "cammello" and "ciospo".
+ to shit, to defecate
cagata (fem. noum)
Whorthless thing The word comes from the verb "cagare", that means "to defecate". A little stronger as "boiata", but the meaning is the same.
+ bitch, cow Insult towards a woman. Literal meaning: "bitch" (female dog).
cammello (masc. noun)
Ugly boy or girl The word literally means "camel". Also when used to indicate a girl, the gender of the word must be masculine. "Cadavere", i.e. "corpse", is a little stronger word with the same meaning. Also "ciospo" (see) has the same meaning, but can only refer to girls.
cappella (fem. noun)
+ glandis Literally "chapel". Very common slang: e.g. mi si ingrossa la cappella = my glandis grows.
carciofo (masc. noum)
Penis Not very used, this word is a derogatory synonym of penis.
caritÓ: per caritÓ!
for pity's sake!
modo amichevole di rivolgersi ad un amico o conoscente, usato a palermo.
+ (in plural) nonsense eg "Sono cazzate" ("That's bullshit")
+ a worthless or useless thing
cazzimma (noun, femm.)
attitude of cynical egoism (You have...) Is not possible to find an english translation,normally used in neapolitan dialect
+ (figurative sense) prick, dickhead, etc. The figurative sense is a pejorative term used as an insult.
+ (literal sense) cock, prick;
che/dove/chi (etc) cazzo...
++ what/where/who (etc) the fuck... A euphemistic form is "che (etc) cavolo..." ("what (etc) the heck...")
(adj) camp, effeminate Applied to gay men.
(n) fairy, queen An effeminate gay man.
to screw Refers to heterosexual sex only.
+ a lay, a screw (ie a woman considered as a sexual object or sexual conquest) Generally used by heterosexuals only.
ciospo (masc. noun)
Ugly girl The word comes from "cesso" + "rospo", i.e. "privy" + "toad" and is usually used in Lombardia. Note that the word refers to girls, but is masculine. See also "cammello" and "cadavere".
ciucciami il cazzo
+ suck my dick
coglione (masc. noun)
Stupid, idiot. The word can only be used in the singular with this sense. The plural "coglioni" means "testicles".
+ bollocks, balls (ie the testicles) See also "palle".
+ bastard, shit Being branded a cuckold is very insulting to the Italian male ego. An alternative and equivalent insult is the gesture of pointing one's hand towards the intended target with the forefinger and little finger extended, like a pair of horns.
a man whose wife has been unfaithful to him Literally "horned", "having horns".
cozza (feminine noun)
Ugly girl The word literally means "cockle".
culattina (masc. noun)
+ Homosexual very effeminate man The word, very derogatory, is maily used in northern Italy and comes from "culo", i.e. ass, used in the sense of "homosexual man", completed with the diminutive suffix "ina" (i.e. "little") ending in "a", as most female names in Italian, to indicate effeminacy. However note that "culattina" is a masculine name. See also "culattone".
culattone (masc. noun)
+ Homosexual man The word, maily used in northern Italy, comes from "culo", i.e. ass, used in the sens of "arse bandit", and is derogatory. See also "culattina".
arse (US: ass, fanny)

di merda
+ fucking (adj), shit- (modifier) Used after a noun as an intensifier; eg "macchina di merda!" ("fucking machine!"), "stronzo di merda!" ("fucking bastard!", "shithead!")
a wank (ie an act of masturbation) Applied to women only. From "dito" meaning "finger".
duro (adjective)
That has an erection (with reference to the penis) This word, that literally means "hard", was used in the past mainly to indicate "though men", but in the present vulgar language is normaly used to refer to the penis that has an erection. But, as we say, "E' duro averlo duro che duri", i.e. "it's hard to have it hard that lasts".
That has an erection (with reference to the penis) This word, that literally means "hard", was used in the past mainly to indicate "though men", but in the present vulgar language is normaly used to refer to the penis that has an erection. But, as we say, "E' duro averlo duro che duri", i.e. "it's hard to have it hard that lasts".

dick lett. the fruit of a legumiinose, used in central Italy (Toscany), e.g. "puppami la fava" = suck my dick.
sissy Applied to effeminate boys or men, irrespective of actual sexuality.
fica (fem. noun)
+ see "figa"
figa (fem. noun)
+ Attractive girl or woman.
+ a woman, especially as a sexual object
+ pussy; This sense refers to the female genitalia.
figlio di buona donna (sentence)
+ Son of a bitch See "buona donna".
figlio di puttana
+ sonofabitch
figone (mas. noun)
+ Very attractive girl or woman. The word comes from "figa", in the same meaning, but indicate a more (sexually) attractive girl or woman. Note that the word refers to female persons, but is masculine.
+ homosexual, queer lett. "fennel"
+ queer, faggot Derogatory term for a gay man not usually used by gay men themselves. Literal meaning: "fennel".
++ to fuck Also used in "va a farti fottere!" ("fuck off!", "fuck you!";
++ not to care to fuck oneself. Me ne fotto di te -> I don't give a fuck about you
a man that say a lot of balls to make him important and look smarter then he really is. This word is used in the zone of Rome and derive from "fracico" that in roman slang stands for very wet".In Rome yoy can often hear phrases like "ma che sta' a ddi' sto FRACICONE"
fregna - noun, fem.
++ cunt, vagina
+ pussy it's used in center Italy; e.g. "la fregna che te ceca" Could pussy blind you! used in the city of Ascoli.
gay Once quite offensive, now is also used by gay people to refer to themselves
queer A milder form of "frocio" used by gay men themselves. Literally "fennel".
fuori come un balcone(slang)
out of mind,drugged or drunk The litery translation is "out as a balcony". This phrase is used in the whole Italy with some changes :"fuori come un terrazzo,fouri come un pogiolo" The etymology is trivial because you know that a balcony is "out" of his buliding.

+ condom
++ clitoris lett. "trigger" of a gun
condom lett. "glove"
guardone (masc. noun)
Person that prefers to look at sexual intercourses rather than to do them. The word comes from the verb "guardare", i.e. "to look at", and corresponds to the French "voyeur", but is stronger.

+ to get pissed off (ie angry) Based on "cazzo" (qv). A euphemistic form is "incavolarsi" (to get steamed up, to get worked up).
+ to get pissed off From "coglioni" (qv).
ingoio (masc. noun)
++ deglutition of sperm during a blow job This word, that doesn't exist as polite, comes from the verb "ingoiare", i.e. "to swallow", and is very derogatory. E.g. "Marta, dai, ho voglia di un bel pompino con l'ingoio" = "Marta, come on, I want a good blow job with 'ingoio' ".

l'arte bolognese (noun)
+ blow job Women in Bologna, a wonderful university city in Emilia-Romagna, are famous for seducing the foreign students by deftly caressing their penises by artful cunnilingus.
+ blow job Women in Bologna, a wonderful university city in Emilia-Romagna, are famous for seducing the foreign students by deftly caressing their penises by artful cunnilingus.
++ ass-kisser lett. "one who licks ass"
lecchino (masc. noun)
+ flatterer Common in scholars/students language, where it is not strong, but usual slang. The word literally means "little licker" and comes from "leccaculo", i.e. ass-licker. The variant "leccone", i.e. "big licker" exists, with the same meaning.
lofare (intransitive verb)
+ See "loffare"
+ fart
loffare (intransitive verb)
+ To pass wind, flatuate. The verb comes from "loffa", that means "fart". The form "lofare", with only one "f" is also used, mainly in northern Italy.
lumaca (feminine noun)
+ Cunt This term, that literally means "snail", is mainly used in Lombardia. Usually it is not very strong, but its strength depends on the sentence; for example the phrase "Ti tira la lumaca?", that means "Are you excited?", is too strong, mainly due to the very derogatory meaning of the verb "tirare" with reference to a female person.

manico (masc. noun)
+ boy friend who uses his cock For the etymology see above. In this case, the word indicates the owner of the tool. E.g. "Paola e' cosi' giovane e ha gia' il manico" = "Paola is so young and already has a boy friend (who fucks her)".
+ cock The word literally means "handle". E.g.: "Giovanni si menava il manico mentre guardava il film" = "Giovanni was choking the chicken while seeing the movie".
damn!, for goodness sake! Commonly heard in Rome to express impatience or disappointment.
shit Used as a noun to refer to excrement, something or someone offensive or disliked or as an interjection.
+ (in plural) nonsense
+ a worthless or useless thing From "merda" (qv).
+ crap(py), shit(ty) (adjs)
++ whore, slut Used pejoratively of sexually dissolute women or gay men
++ cock, dick Expression used especially at the South of Italy, but very common everywhere. Note that the gender is feminine!
+ a stupid person lett. "big dick"
+ pussy Expression used especially in the North-East part of Italy, but well known everywhere.
monta (feminine noun)
++ heterosexual intercourse This word, very derogatory, literally means "covering" and applies to animals. E.g. "Che monta stanotte con Giuliana" = "What a 'monta' last night with Giuliana".
montare (transitive and intransitive verb)
+ to screw The verb can normally be used only with heterosexual intercourses. It literally means "to cover" and properly applies to animals. If used as transitive, the object is the girl/woman who is "covered". E.g. "Ho voglia di montare" = "I want to screw". "Giovanni ha montato Luisa tutta la notte" = "John covered Luisa all night".
++ to have an intercourse where the woman is on the man E.g. "Giovanni e' fortunato. Alla sua ragazza piace montarlo" = "Giovanni is lucky: his girl friend likes to cover him".
mussa (fem. noun)
cunt, feminine organ mussa is a word of common use in the Liguarian dialect. It also means lies, nonsense. A joke. Franco: they tell me you lap.. Marco: It's all musse (plural)... The meaning should be evident, as referring to a sexual practice. To lap in Italian means also to flatter with a purpose.

nave scuola (compound: fem. noun + fem. noun used as apposition)
+ Woman that likes teaching sex to teenagers Literally "school-ship". The "nave scuola" is a woman, approx between thirty and fourty, that likes, as a missionary, teaching sex to inexpert boys.
+ Cock, dick It's used in center Italy (Rome, Ascoli etc...). It's used also to name funny a friend (Ciao Nerchia!!!)

+ Bird "Padulo" The bird named "Padulo" flyes near your back L'uccello padulo vola sempre all'altezza del culo!
+ balls, bollocks, bullshit In the figurative sense of "nonsense". Often heard as "che palle!" ("bullshit!", "bollocks!").
balls In the literal sense of "testicles".
guts, balls, nerve
palle: rompere le palle a qualcuno
+ to piss someone off, to get on someone's tits Literally "to break someone's balls".
palloso -a (adjective)
Very boresome The adjective can refer to persons or conversation.
+ pussy
pussy in a silly way
pecorina (fem. noun)
+ sheep-fucking Literal meaning: small sheep 'Mario vuole sempre scopare di pecorina'
willy, peter Literal meaning: "fish".
picio (masc. noun)
+ 1) cock; 2) stupid person. I dont' know the etymology. The word has the same two meanings as "pirla", but is stronger.
pincare (intransitive verb)
+ To fuck. Unknown etymology. The word, mainly used in Lombardia, can only apply to heterosexual intercourses.
+ Cunt Mainly used in Lombardia. Example: "Quella ragazza ha la pipa bollente" = "That girl has a hot cunt".
+ masturbation lett. "pipe". Farsi una pipa -> to jerk off (lett. to smoke a pipe)
pippone (masc. noun)
Very long and boresome thing The word, mainly used in Rome, comes from "pippa", singular of "pippe", i.e. male masturbation, with the suffix "one", meaning "big". The term "pistolotto", with the same meaning, is more frequent.
- wee-wee, pee
pirla (masc. noun)
1) cock; 2) stupid person. Very usual in Lombardia (region in the northern Italy), the word probably comes from the dialect "pirlare", meaning "to spin" (please, don't ask how and why; the etymology is a mysterious thing). Example of 1): hai un bel pirla = you owns a nice/good cock. Example of 2): non fare il pirla = don't be silly/stupid.
to piss
piss (noun)
- willy (UK), peter (US) Also as "pisellino" ("peepee", "winkle")
pistola (masc. noun)
Stupid person Literally "pistol". This word, used in Lombardia, comes from "pistola" in the sense of "cock", and indicates a stupid person. Note that the polite term "pistola" is feminine, but in this sense it is masculine, and can only refer to male persons. Also note that "pistola" with the meaning of "cock" in not used anymore.
pistolotto (masc. noun)
Very long and boresome thing The word comes from "pistola", that in this case means "cock", with the suffix "otto", meaning "big".
french kiss (Very popular in Italy between young people)
blowjob (ie fellatio)
pompino (masc. noun)
+ blow job Fellatio - From 'pompare' (to pump) - 'Fammi un pompino e succhiamelo tutto!'
porca madonna
+ Christ! Considered blasphemous.
porca miseria
+ bloody hell
porca puttana
++ fucking hell!
+ bloody, fucking (adj) Used in combinations such as "porca miseria!", "porca puttana!", "porca madonna!" (qqv)
Porco due (excl.)
"By Gosh!"(litterally "Pig two!" Used to avoid to say "Porcoddio!" a blasphemous expression that means "God-pig". It souds very similar to it. Very popular in Italy between 10-15 years people.
Porco zio (excl.)
"By Gosh!"(litterally "Pig uncle!" Used to avoid to say "Porcoddio!" a blasphemous expression that means "God-pig". It souds very similar to it. Very popular in Italy between 10-15 years people.
potta (fem. noun)
pussy used in middle Italy (Toscany)
+ (whore, pro, hooker Used in the literal sense of "prostitute" and figuratively to refer to a sexually dissolute person (male or female).

+ girl, pussy

recchione (ricchione)
+ homosexual lett. "big ear"
queen Term for a gay man, especially one who is effeminate.
+ to became stupid Especially referred to old people.
+ erection Mi si e' rizzato il cazzo -> I had an erection
+ nuisance, bothersome person lett. "ball-breaker"
+ a pimp used around Calabria and Southern Italy

+ to fuck lett. "to beat"
+ not to care lett. "to beat oneself". Me ne sbatto il cazzo -> I don't give a shit.
+ cum (ie semen)
sborrata (fem. noun)
+ ejaculation Often used to indicate a good (with reference to the quantity of semen and/or to the pleasure) ejaculation. E.g. che bella sborrata! = what a good ejaculation!. Also "sborata" with one "r", in the northern Italy.
a very self concerned and show-offy person, not very strong, it depends on the phrase. from sborra (cum)
+ faster than a sveltina etymology: brodo = consomme ; sbrodolata = a staining with consomme (outcome) ; Word used in Calabria and Sicily for a fuck through the trousers' fly
+ to screw, to fuck Generic term for "to copulate". Not as strong as "fottere". "Scopa" means a broom.
+ a screw, a lay A woman or gay man as a sexual partner.
+ to fart
- To play truant (only in the sentence "fare sega"). The sentence "fare sega" is used in Rome and perhaps comes for to go at school and after to come back, as a "saw".
a wank, an act of masturbation Literally "saw". Applied to men only. See also "ditalino".
+ onanist typical expression to indicate a little or thin man, or a man who rarely is fucking
slinguare (intransitive verb)
+ French kissing The verb literally means "to do a tongue job". Mainly used by young teenagers.
slinguata (feminine noun)
+ French kiss The word literally means "tongue job" and comes from the verb "slinguare". Mainly used by young teenagers.
+ French kiss The word literally means "tongue job" and comes from the verb "slinguare". Mainly used by young teenagers.
+ A very fucking woman... Used in the middle Italy (RIETI-LAZIO)
Soccia! (excl.)
"shit!"(litterally "Suck it ") Used in Bologna to avoid to say "Socmel!" a blasphemous expression that means "Socmel". It souds very similar to it. Very useful in Bologna.
Socmel! (excl.)
++ "shit!"(litterally "Suck it to me ") pronounced as " soch-mael"Used just in Bologna meaning nothing more than a strong exclamation. Very sconveniente and inheducate expression.
cunt, pussy
spagnola [fare unaŐ]
+ To fuck someone between the breasts; Litterally: "do a spanish thing". English: Dutch Fuck
spompinare (transitive verb)
+ to do a blow job The verb comes from "pompino", that means blow-job. The object of the transitive verb is the person that receives the blow-job.
++ pussy Expression used only in the South of Italy. Note that the gender is masculine!
+ cunt, cow, bitch Female form of "stronzo" (sense (ii)) (qv).
+ bullshit (ie nonsense) Formed from "stronzo" (qv)
+ bastard, shit Refers to someone one does not like or finds offensive. Female form: "stronza".
turd Literal sense.
+ faster than a chiavata etymology: svelto = in hurry ; sveltina = a fast action without any importance
sverginare (transitive verb)
+ to deflower (a girl) The verb comes from "vergine", that means "virgin", preceded by the privative particle "s", meaning "without", so literally it means "to deprive of virginity". The polite term is "deflorare", corresponding to "to deflower".
+ to have sex with a boy that never did it For the etymology see above. Only used with reference to heterosexual intercourses.
++ to fuck a man that was never fucked For the etymology see above. It seems that only heterosexual men use this derogatory verb with reference to gay men. Obviously no corresponding polite verb exists.

Tarzanello (masc.)
++ anus knot Means a twisted knot of ass hair and shit keeping it together. Used by central-northern italian youth, it derives from "Tarzan" the popular hero of the jungle. Litterally, means "little Tarzan". You can understand why, I suppose.
South italian people So call with contempt north italian people south italian people.
testa di cazzo
+ Cockhead Used to insult someone, without a really specific reason, just because you disagree with him/her
+ tits
tirare (intransitive verb)
+ to have an erection Literally "to pull", but this special sense refers to what the owner of the penis experiences. E.g.: l'uccello mi tira.
++ To be sexually excited, with reference to female persons. This meaning, that comes from the corresponding meaning as applied to the penis, is very derogatory. In this case the subject of the verb tirare has to be a derogatory term indicating the vagina. E.g. "Ti tira la fregna?" = "Are you excited?".
topa (fem. noun)
+ pussy; girl Used in middle Italy
+ (UK) tart, slag, slut A sexually dissolute person (male or female). Used especially among gay men, its literal meaning is "sow" (female pig).
++ Whorse, usually aged and coarse. The word literally means "sow".
+ to copulate used as standard expression in Tuscany, it means have sex in a funny and no-problems way. litterally; playing the trumpet

willy, peter Literal meaning: "bird".

vacca (feminine noun)
+ Lustful woman, very attracted by the masculine attributes of a man. The word literally means "cow".
+ Prostitute. Not usual in this sense.
+ fuck off Also the standard expression for disagreeing strongly with another
vangare (intransitive and transitive verb)
++ to fuck Literally "to spade". Only used to indicate heterosexual intercourses. When used as transitive verb, the object is the woman who is fucked.
to come (in the sexual sense)

Zio cantante (excl.)
"By Gosh!"(litterally "Uncle singer!" Used to avoid to say "DioCane!" a blasphemous expression that means "God-dog". It souds very similar to it. Very popular in northern Italy, between 10-15 years people.
zoccola (fem. noun)
+ bitch, whore Used in south Italy. e.g. Ma tu si' proprio 'na zoccola! = you're just a bitch!

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