November 10, 2005
Well, another long period of neglect ends at last -- I was informed that the site was glitched, so I reloaded everything; it looks okay now, but feel free to drop me a note if you still see anything weird. I'll be coming on to do some updating and maybe write some more stuff once I'm finished with my current gaming project.

August 7, 2005
Boy, howdy, things are just ripping along, aren't they. There's some new artwork from Andreas and Cyanure (who also gets his own page of 3D artwork) in the Art Gallery. Check it out! Likewise, there's a new review at the S'n'S Pit -- Hawk the Slayer, a film that is based on sound roleplaying principals and makes Fellowship of the Ring look like it was made by a bunch of amateurs. Enjoy the fun, and let me know what you think.

June 26, 2005
The final installment of Down in the Dungeon is up and running, as is the newest review, of that timeless classic of filmic fantasy, Dungeons and Dragons. I've got new art from Cyanure and Andreas to post shortly, so stay tuned.

March 20, 2005
Added a bunch of 3-D art from Cyanure and Tanelin, plus a nice portrait of Wulf from Andreas Oeltjen from Oldenburg, Germany to the Art Gallery.

February 20, 2005
A new Pit of Sword and Sorcery review is up, this time the long-delayed Deathstalker 2. Enjoy, kids.

February 13, 2005
Finally transitioned to the new hosting company (I'd set up the new account back in December, but the old company was very slow in getting information to me about my Network Solutions password -- in the end I had to go directly to Netsol and get my domain name transferred). The Forums are back; go ahead and register and start posting -- I look forward to hearing from you. The e-mail list has been restored, kinda (I'm taking names from old lists, and have already mistakenly sent a newsletter to someone's work account... mea culpa, mea culpa), and I posted a bunch of new art from Cyanure in the art gallery. Go check it out. Now if I can get Dungeon Part 3 done I'll be back on track.

November 29, 2004
There appears to have been a pretty major crash at my hosting company; the forums are down, my e-mail was trashed, and my mailing list is lost. Put a note up on the main page about it. Hope to get everything back up and running by the end of December (kind of busy between now and then I'm afraid). Please resubscribe to the mailing list if you get a chance.

October 7, 2004
I have at last completed Part Two of Down in the Dungeon, for your perusal. Please read and enjoy.

September 22, 2004
God DAMMIT, what a long lag. Sorry about all that, kids... The travails of job and family tend to wreck hell on website updates. Anyway, I've posted some new pictures from Cyanure and Friedrich Keifl, uttered my $.02 on the forums, and most importantly, I've added a brand-new feature, Wulf's Pit of Sword and Sorcery Cinema, movie reviews straight from the Wulfster himself. Enjoy.

January 12, 2004
The forums are up and working! Go check 'em out and see what you think.

January, 2004
There have been so many changes over the past couple of years that it's almost pointless to list them all. Anyway, here's a quick overview of what's happened to me and to the site:

- As you may recall, I went to work full-time, fixing computers for the local school district. About the same time I accepted a freelance position as developer for the Scarred Lands d20 series from White Wolf Games. I also got to deal with the travails of my adolescent daughter, and those of you who have gone through this will know of what I speak. I've also been pursuing the relationship(s) thing with the lovely Rie and others, and I imagine most people would be sympathetic if I put romance and sex near the top of my list of priorities. As might be expected, this prevented me from working on a number of other things, including this web page, and my own fiction writing. Such other fun things a

- More recently I have stepped down as Scarred Lands developer (after a very successful and enjoyable run, btw), and gone to half-time (only semi-voluntarily) at the school district. I'm currently trying to find full-time employment, but so far that's been a frustrating task.

- With a nice fat two-week vacation over the 2003 holidays, I finally had the chance to do such esoteric things as clean up my office, send out resumes, write to literary agencies in NYC, and -- as you can see -- redo the Wulf Archives. So here it is, with various subtle and not-so-subtle changes and improvements. The highlights of the changes:


A new design incorporating frames, cooler interface, no more animated gifs (yay!), and a new Wulf story. A new server with better functionality, more disk space, a majordomo program, and the like. I removed old links, archived old material, added new links.


A new forum is coming, and my old journal has been transformed into a livejournal link. New RPG pages are planned, a webcam page once I've actually bought a new one, and so on. Will probably have another Rie page eventually, but I don't think she liked all the photos I posted :)

It looks as if the Thystra fan fiction section got trashed while moving servers and (after changing computers twice), I can't seem to find the original files. If anyone wants to resend their Thystra stories for posting, feel free, and I'll recreate the page. I also can't find my journal entries for 1999, but that was a horrifically bad year for me.

A number of other things got removed, but I don't think anyone will miss them. Overall, I think the good outweighs the bad, and the page looks pretty decent. Let me know what you think, and welcome back.

March 2, 2002
Corrected a BUNCH of screwed-up art links. I appear to be missing three of Kurt Moller's images, so I need to locate them, and Noelani Manawolf's lioness is nowhere to be found. I gotta get back in touch with those folks and get some replacements. 

December 26, 2001
Wow, what a long hiatus! Well, I posted a new journal entry, added my page about my adventures at WOMAD, and update the links page, deleting some obsolete sites and adding a couple of cool sites where you can see, like, naked chicks...

July 18, 2001
Fixed Other Artists and Drool art page. Only Kurt's to do yet, then it's time to start shopping for .cgi chat scripts.

July 17, 2001
Day off from work. In between moving furniture and editing White Wolf stuff, I fixed links on Christi, Morgalla, Soto and Cyanure's art pages.

July 12, 2001
Fixed links to the Fiction page, the RPG page and links on the Rie page.

July 11, 2001
Exactly four months since the last update, huh? Well a LOT has gone on. Finished migration to the new domain. Fixed some links on the main page. Made sure the e-mail link works. Changed a few graphics on the home page. Fixed some broken links in the artists' pages. There's lots more, I'm afraid; a lot of them are still linked to Brainkick. Posted new journal entry and sent out new newsletter. Looking forward to seeing all my friends on line again. Thanks for your patience.

March 11, 2001
Elven Twilight is finally complete. Check it out and see how it all comes out.

March 1, 2001
Got a decent .pdf file of Book of Thystra finally, I think. Also saved a Word 2000 version of the same file and uploaded that in the hope that readers will have less problems with it.

January 30, 2001
Fixed the palm versions of the Wulf tales on the Stories page. Added link to the document reader, cspotrun.

January 10, 2001
At long last, in response to those readers who wonder if the page has gone into a coma, I've got some new art from Kurt,Friedrich and from my friend Rie, as well as a totaly non-Wulf related page with pictures of Rie dancing naked.

November 4, 2000
New art from Kurt, Allison and Friedrich. Finally added link to the html version of the Book of Thystra. Never put anything in writing, btw, cuz it'll boomerang on ya... As you can see I promised to do this back in September :)

September 28, 2000
Added a bunch of new art and redesigned Drool's page. More amazing Akumi pix...

September 27, 2000
Added a new art page for Eric Soto, and added a new image for Freidrich. I have such a boatload of images from Drool that I'm totally redesigning his page in tablular format... That may take another day or two, as I'm now a working stiff and have to get going to training. I'll set up links to the new .html Book of Thystra, and add the latest version of Kurt's story over the next couple of days.

September 11, 2000
Whoo-hoo... Narisha's Night is finally ready, detailing what really happened upstairs at the tavern in Xesh. Also, a new image from a new artist, one Friedrich Keifl, for your viewing pleasure in the Art Gallery.

September 1, 2000
Whew! A lot has happened over the last week... I'll do a journal entry tomorrow. Anyway, added a new illo from Kurt, a bunch of awesome new stuff from Drool, and the latest installment of Kurt's Taj saga. Oh, yes -- another NEW artist with a great pic of Narisha. Outstanding stuff!

August 24, 2000
The long-awaited "Project X" has surfaced in the form of the first of three Thystra roleplaying netbooks. The Book of Thystra contains no real hard gaming stats, but a lot of updated material on the world of Thystra. Check it out here.

August 21, 2000
Added a brief piece on the Kursk disaster to the Opinions page. I'm not a very religious person, but in this case I think that prayers and kind thoughts are called for.

August 9, 2000
New image that I found on-line... Thought you might like it. See if anyone can figure out the story behind it. ;)

August 7, 2000
Finally got Kurt's Taj's Saga up and running. Check it out on the fiction page, and enjoy.

August 1, 2000 (later)
Hell, what isn't new now? I put out a new Newsletter bringing folks up to date. Also, there's more art, from Damien Tobin, Kurt Moller, Alison, Cyanure and a whole new page for Daniel Abad Palacio, along with his nice new cover for Heart of the Lion. I've got to post the .pdf file of Kurt's N'doro story, then I think I'll finally be caught up. Then, of course, you'll send me more stuff and I'll get behind again ;) Don't let that discourage you, though -- keep the good stuff coming.

August 1, 2000
What a long, long time it's been since an update :( Well, fret no more, since Armada is up and finished! And I hope that this week heralds a major update, with several pieces of art and some new fiction. Enjoy!

June 8, 2000
New artist! New artist! Check out the Art Gallery and see our new friend Daniel Abad Palacio and his fine lion-man illustrations. And wake up the neighbors, alert the media... ArchSage's new story Chaos and Jesters is up on the Fiction page! Check out the new cast of cool characters and ArchSage's exploration of the thus-far unvisited Lastlands.

May 4, 2000
The Mara-Cam remains off since I think that my stupid camera was responsible for last week's computer blow-up. On the Stories page, you'll now find Palm-compatible copies of all theWulf stories contributed by an anonymous reader... And btw, if that anonymous reader could contact me AGAIN I'd appreciate it -- I think I lost all his messages in last week's great meltdown.

April 23, 2000
The Mara-Cam is off-line while my stupid cable modem gets fixed. The good news is that the Stormking .pdf file is up on the Stories page. It's a big download, but I hope it's worth it. By all means tell me what you think of it, and whether I should do more.

April 18, 2000
Added the wonders of modern technology, the Amazing Mara-Cam, so you can see me in my domicile, slaving away on the latest epic. I can't guarantee I'll be there, and if anything really embarassing is going on, I'll turn it off, but hell if anyone wants me to leave it on, well, hell, I just might...

April 14, 2000
Break out the champagne, alert the press, call the neighbors, wake up the kids (well, only if they're over 18)! The latest epic, Mark of the Zombie is out, and ready for you to read. Enjoy the mindless violence and sex that I carefully crafted for you... Li meets an obnoxious sexist elf; Tanu meets Narisha and discovers that there are women who can wear him out; Li meets Livia and they make nice in the expected way; Livia reflects upon past misdeeds and swears to be a better person (will wonders never cease?).

Added a new artist to the Art Gallery. Allison is a fan from the east coast who draws in her copious spare time (what little there is of it), and produced a new pic of that sexy wolfen, Akumi.

Sent out a short, but informative Newsletter on the new and improved mailing list (now that I don't have to rely on that idiotic Hotmail interface anymore). Let me know if you didn't receive yours and I'll add you back to the list.

Also, I edited the Extras page, removing the link to the Alex St. John pages (I'm putting it on the back burner for personal reasons; read my Journal for more details). Tonight I'm busily reading fanfic from both ArchSage, who writes about a pacifistic Thystran hero (now I've seen everything), and Kurt Moller, who sent me an outline for a story featuring an n'doro hero. They both look way cool, and should be appearing on the Fanfic page soonly... The Stormking .pdf is almost done, and I hope to post it for you some time next week. Life goes on, dunnit?

March 18, 2000
Sent out a new Newsletter, added art to Drool's, Kurt Moller's and Cyanure 99's pages, and added a new page for our latest artist, Damien Tobin. And Cali is fine so far :)

February 18, 2000
Wheeeeee! Finally did something to the page. Sorry I've been so lax... I think given circumstances that it's understandable. Added new art to Drool and Kurt Moller's pages. Fixed a couple of screwed up tags on the Links page -- now you can see the Gothic Babe of the Week in all her glory (thanks to Kenny for catching those). FINALLY added a link to 3 A.M. Publishing from my Links page as well... I promised this several weeks ago, but -- surprise! -- haven't gotten around to it yet. New journal entry, new Newsletter. That should hold you guys for a while, huh? I'm leaving for Cali this Tuesday, so I will be out of touch for a while. Everyone stay out of trouble and be good. And if you can't be good, be careful. I'll see you in a couple of weeks!

January 18, 2000
Redshade Part 3 is up, and the adventure is concluded (well, this one is, anyway). Enjoy.

January 17, 2000
Long time since I've done a real update, huh? Anyway, in the midst of all my personal crises, I managed to get Redshade Part 2 up on the Fiction page. Check it out; hope ya like it. I certainly did.

December 8, 1999
Added a couple of "lost" pictures to Morgalla's art gallery page. Finally sent out Newsletter #5. Fan Fiction page (well, actually the Fiction page -- we're all fans, actually) is finally up, along with Part One of Richard Reich's Redshade. Hopefully much more is to come... Enjoy. Parts 2-3 coming soon! Finally, added a new animated GIF from Drool. It's Narisha doing one of the things she enjoys. Have fun.

December 6, 1999
Added a new Opinion piece about how franchised fantasy/sf worlds are a tool of Satan. Fanfic page will hopefully be finished tonight.

November 30, 1999
Added a link to the Alex St. Johns page in Extras. Finished Wulf/Wolf; posted it to the Stories page this evening. Enjoy! Also, I'm almost done with the new fanfic pages, so keep an eye out.

November 17, 1999
MORE new art from Drool and Kurt; actually, Drool's is colored versions of b&w art, but it looks great anyway.

November 10, 1999
The first part of Wulf/Wolf is up on the Extras page... Check out the partial draft and let me know whatcha think! Also, just cuz I felt like it, I knocked out a short prolog to the next story, Mark of the Zombie, also on the Extras page.

November 9, 1999
Made some changes to the Cast of Characters page in order to bring it up to date with the events in Wulf/Wolf, and to project some characters forward into the next couple of stories. Fixed a couple of dumbass errors.

November 8, 1999
Cool stuff -- Drool has sent me some animated GIFs of Livia, Li, and Narisha in her "unicorn chick" personna :) He promises more, so check 'em out and let me know whatcha think!

November 5, 1999
New artist! Kurt H. Moller's stuff is now up in the Art Gallery. I'm also very close to getting a portion of the short story Wolf/Wulf into shape -- I'll display it as a partial draft on the Extras page in the next few days.

October 27, 1999
Ready for Halloween? Gonna have a blast, ourselves :) Fixed an error on Morgalla's art page. Added a new Opinions piece, which really is more of a journal feature, about crashing the local Vampire: the Masquerade convention. Unfortunately, there weren't any Alex St. John style shenanigans; we mostly went to ogle women.

October 18, 1999
Sent out Newsletter #4. New art from Drool and Cyanure.

October 15, 1999
Reorganized the Journal page so that each month has its own link. The file was getting huge. I'll do the same with Opinions next. Still have to add Cyanure 99's new artwork.

October 5, 1999
Fixed the Demon Realms; got the proper map and background now. Didn't get the journal page up or answer e-mail cuz Dev and I had a dinner appt. that I forgot about. Some of the folks wanted to go to The Egyptian Room and watch the lesbian strippers, but after taking Dev home and putting her to bed I decided that I was way too tired. Besides, Cliff is off working out or something... I'll do it tomorrow... Tired...

October 4, 1999
Well, Gates of Steel is finally finished and up at the site! Check it out and see if it's worth all the effort. Also, I've posted the Demon Realms page to the RPG section, but it's screwed up -- I'll fix it tomorrow, so don't bother going there; it sucks. And TOMORROW, I'm going to answer all of my wayward e-mail. Sorry all you guys and gals out there... Mara is being a single dad AGAIN, and is busy banging his head against the wall. Anyway, hope ya like the latest Wulf installment.

It's not Wulf-related, but there's a page dealing with our annual Bad Movie Night party here. See what you think. Anyone who's in the neighborhood (Portland OR and vicinity) can feel free to drop on by. We'd love to see ya.

September 30, 1999
No major revisions in over a week... I must be slipping. Anyway, there's new art from Cyanure and Drool (actually a pic that Drool sent a couple of weeks ago that I forgot to post... too bad, it's great), and (drum roll please), the first work of Thystran fanfic, Chapter One of Quest for the Phaerul Shard by our own Jalen Quesar, aka James from the Discussion Board. This is an outstanding piece, and I know everyone will enjoy it. He has taken several aspects of Thystra and woven them together into an exciting story, with a great sex scene at the end. When's chapter two due out, anyway?

Finally, a special treat for those who relish a particularly badly written movie, tv show or book. The classic sword and sorcery epic The Eye of Argon is now at the Wulf archives in all its glory. I place it here out of genuine affection, and as a warning to others. This is what they have to read in hell, so be good. And if you can't be good, be careful.

September 21, 1999
Gave Cyanure a page all to himself, along with a new picture of Livia. Added some comments on the state on Internet porn to the Opinion page. Finally got the last three days of entries up on the Journal page. Finally, received three more pix from the ever-prolific Drool and put them up on his Gallery page. Wow...

September 16, 1999
At the behest of a couple of Discussion Group readers and all-around-nice guys, I've been prevailed upon to post my old story Somewhere Beyond the Pavement to the Extras section. It's the first non-Wulf thing I've put here, though I'm open to producing more.

September 15, 1999
Added my bud Moongrrl to the Links page, and updated the Naked Blades link to its new and improved server.

September 13, 1999
Added some thoughts on "When fantasy goes too far?" and a review of Redwall to the Opinion page. Going to add a few photos to the Pinewood battle description if time allows. Maybe to Firwood, too.

September 10, 1999
Added more Drool art to the Gallery. Thae'lynn and a gal enjoying carnal knowledge of a dragon. Fun stuff... Keep it comin...

September 9, 1999
MORE art from Cyanure -- a color version of the Shu Li pic. Also added battle scenario for the Firwood to Extras page, and some thoughts on whether I really like Wulf or not to Opinion. Also sent out Newsletter #3 to all and sundry. Whew! What a day...

September 7, 1999
More art from Cyanure. Thae'lynn and Shu Li. Enjoy.

September 4, 1999
More new art, this time from a new artist, Cyanure 99, which can be seen in the Art Gallery. Welcome Cyanure to our ever-growing family of artists, and remember that the French saved our butts in the Revolutionary War :)

August 31, 1999
More art from Christi -- the woman is unstoppable... Check out the images of Livia, Wulf, Tanu and Shu Li. I love it...

August 26, 1999
Fixed broken links to Drool's new artwork. New art from Christi and Morgalla -- it's almost as if they're all coordinating things behind my back...

August 25, 1999
Finally got all the artists onto their own pages in the Art Gallery! Actually, I lumped all the folks with one or two pieces onto one page together -- for convenience, of course, and not due to any qualitative considerations! There's also *NEW* art from Drool! Check it out!

August 24, 199
Added the all-new Extras page... Don't get too excited, as there's only one article there at present, a narrative description of the "Great Litharnan Massacre," better known as the Battle of the Pinewoods. There will be more soon, as well. I also fixed the broken graphic for the Original Expressions Webring on the main page, then in a sudden burst of energy, moved all the Web Rings to their own page. Next, I'll be adding to the Art Gallery and giving all those deserving artists their own pages.

August 23, 1999
Added some material to the Chronology page to bring it up to date with the Warhammer game I played this weekend (a total massacre of the Litharnans, I'm afraid). The battle may force a few minor changes to Jungle Goddess, since only one undead dragon participated in the battle (and was more than enough to turn the tide).

August 18, 1999
Sent out Newsletter #2.5 to get some of the new folks up to speed. A few bounces, giving me an opportunity to winnow down the mailing list a bit.

August 13, 1999
Changed the order on this page, with most recent additions first instead of last (should have done that in the first place). Short journal entry.

August 8, 1999
Have added a good number of folks to the mailing list; I might send out another Newsletter just to get 'em up to date. Fixed a bad link from the People page in the rpg section (thanks, Ben!). Got new artwork from Christi, Drool and Morgalla! It's all up at the Art Gallery, and it looks great. Also, finished the Links Page, with a mess of friends, erotic resources, writers' pages, and more! Check it out!

August 1, 1999
Sent out Newsletter #2 to the burgeoning mailing list, and added characters from Jungle Goddess to the Characters page.

July 30, 1999
Short Journal entry, and a new Opinion piece, mostly because I got tired of the Opinions Page being neglected. Getting ready to send out Newsletter #2 this weekend, to all the various salivating Wulf fans out there...

July 29, 1999
Dark Elf Lands are finished and up in the RPG Section. I'm busy creating house insignia for the various dark elf noble families, and may do a separate page detailing their individual histories and characteristics.

July 23, 1999
Finally got the pic from Manawolf added to the Art Gallery. Good stuff -- Heart of the Lion-inspired image. Fighting with the idiocies of these damned WYSIWYG (What You See ISN'T What You Get) html editors, such as Netscape Composer and its tendency to want to rewrite all my link tags... And I can't afford Dreamweaver. Wah.

July 20, 1999
The Discussion Board is fully moved over to my very own phorum setup and it looks awesome. Being the tinkering kinesthetic learner that I am, I started messing around with colors and stuff without bothering to read any support files, resulting in some of the most horrific color combinations known to man. Now we're back to a nice slick black/white/grey pattern, which I think fits in with the rest of the site quite well. Now, all I have left is the Links page, which might take some considerable thought. I've got some other ideas for pages, as well, including a letters page (I've gotten a couple of good ones already), and some kind of random page for putting stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else (when I do my epic Thystra-based Warhammer battle, I would like to write it up and include photos and stuff; I'm also interested in putting up some kind of narrative of the Thystran AD&D campaign which I'm trying to run).

July 19, 1999
The Chronology page is finished. I wanted to add a couple of footnotes, but for some reason my #anchor tags wouldn't work. I could go BACK to the main chronology page, but when I clicked on the asterisk to jump to the footnote, nothing happened. I may have screwed up closing my tags or something, but I finally got frustrated and dropped the idea. I intend to add a lot more to the page anyway, with a full chronology of Thystran history in conjunction with a longer document I'm working on. Also updated the journal a little bit.

July 18, 1999
Art Gallery is  up and running, with all the links working, all the (c)'s in the right places, etc. I can't seem to connect to Christi's web site, so I'll ask her about that this week.

July 16, 1999
Received more art from Christi; will try to get the art page up tonight. Did the amazing Wulf spam of Usenet last night, posting EVERY single Wulf story, along with information on this page, to I've gotten a couple of messages back, so I guess it went through okay.

July 15, 1999
Had company over last night and Clio spent much of the evening as NaurU's enforcer, the usual IRC hitman being temporarily absent, so I didn't get to the computer. I noted this morning, however, that Ed has set up Phorum on his server, and I've now got a link to it! I'm going to add a header and maybe modify the colors, but once that's up and running I will be switching over to the phorum board where you can make posts as long as you like and say all the nasty words you want. The art gallery will be a go as soon as I get contact info from the artists, which hopefully will be in a day or two.

July 14, 1999
That damned Art Gallery is taking a while... It looks really good, though, despite the fact that I've just laid the images one atop the other in a nice linear fashion, because I don't feel like fighting with putting them in a table or anything else slick. The pencil images, or those with really fine lines break apart horribly when I try to thumbnail them, so what you see as a jumble of dots will resolve itself into a real picture when you click on it. Not much else; I'm e-mailing Ed about phorum; the setup looks damned complex -- perhaps he can put it in his bin and then we can each tweak our own individual versions of it.

July 13, 1999
Added links to Universal Expressions Webring, and to the Original Writing Webring, both of which say they're open to explicitly sexual stories. Still working on the Art Gallery page; scanned in a bunch of pictures last night and started creating thumbnails. This is going slower than I'd hoped :( Sending e-mail terminating my account. I'm now totally free of the old servers. I think I'm going to move all the Webring graphics to their own page, and also remove the deamon graphic that brackets the links at the bottom of each page, since now I've got a bunch of links and the graphics kind of get in the way. VERY unhappy with the Discussion Board, after discovering that it censors profanity and has a 2000 character limit. Downloaded WWWBoard software and talked to Ed, the sysad at Brainkick about setting up the .cgi files (I need to be able to upload to his cgi-bin directory, and we need to CHMOD several of the files). He suggested I look into phoruminstead, which looks like a really cool program, but I don't think I have the skills to set it up. Maybe Clio could help. Or maybe I'll just chuck it all and use WWWBoard. :)

July 10, 1999
Changed the Main Page, putting "News" at the top. Added the Archive to the Whispers of Eros and Authors of Erotica webrings. I don't think I'll clutter up the bottom of the page with too many webrings, so I'll do some more research and add maybe a couple more. Thanks to Ken Chisholm for the suggestions.

July 9, 1999
Added content to the Opinion page. Started work on scanning and setting up the Art Gallery. Made corrections and additions to the Cast of Characters page. It seems to be complete for now, but needs to have the characters from Jungle Goddess and the upcoming Gates of Steel added. Removed all of our old Scatterlings pages from, and replaced them with a forwarding page. Hopefully this will keep most of our loyal followers from getting lost again.

July 8, 1999
Will fix broken "Discussion Board" graphic when I get home. Added the Archives to the following search engines: Hotbot, Lycos, Webcrawler, Yahoo, Snap, Excite, Looksmart, Google,Altavista, Infoseek, Rex, Northern Lights. Starting Point turned me down, informing me that my keywords were "inappropriate." Added the following metatag to the home page so that all those randy little web-surfers can find us: <meta name="keywords" content="wulf, sex, literature, erotica, fantasy, swords, sorcery, lesbian, bisexual">. Will add links to FAQ for authors and artists like Moorcock, Leiber, Vance, Foglio, etc. later today. Received art from Christi Smith Hayden.

July 7, 1999
It's up and running! During some breaks at work I completed the Cast of Characters, made some tweaks to the Main Page, and set up the Discussion Board. Answered some mail, and am busy taking old addresses off the mailing list. So far I've only had one "unsub" request, which I consider encouraging.