Irregular Activities

Compiled by Alan G. Carter

Last Updated: Sunday 27th February 2000

This page describes current and needed activities (that I know of) related to the material on this website. There are plenty of opportunities to rabble rouse and interesting areas to poke around in! The activities get more challenging - and in conventional terms plain weirder - further down the list. Perhaps we'll get a lot of people each helping a little with the easier stuff, and a few wild-eyed visionaries getting into the later stuff. Always remember; if you can't follow up a particular lead yourself, you might be able to interest someone who can!

All the things that need doing listed on this page are doable. Sure, some of them require specialist skills, but many people on the Internet have those skills. And if they pan out, we'll have executed a programme to correct the paradigm, as a freeware project!

We already know the Programmers' Stone works. The progstone group has been adding circumstantial evidence for the M0 hypothesis for some months, and hasn't found anything to shoot it down in flames. Where - if anywhere - does this coherent chunk of reasoning break down?


Please check the latest News page at Melloworld.



Translations. Martin Hargreaves is preparing some PDF files that will be available from the Reciprocality Homepage. Serge Kozlov is producing a Russian Translation. Peter Szabo is producing a Hungarian translation. If anyone would like to make further translations, or add any additional materials, please email me and I'll link to or add your stuff.

Mirrors. Reciprocality could have short term importance for families of ADHD, CFIDS, and Acquired Autistic children as well as software engineers. The more people in these interest groups that can download the material the better. To optimise use of bandwidth the compressed website is available in tar.gz and ZIP formats, and there are now three English language sites. Since the greatest supposed incidence of ADHD is in the United States, mirror sites there will be very useful. To create a mirror, just download the tar.gz and ZIP files, and when you've untarred or extracted the files where you want them, copy the tar.gz and ZIP into the Reciprocality directory. Please email me with the URL and I'll link to it. All links are relative with the exception of the news page which always comes from Melloworld. This is so that everyone can use the same mirror files, and not have to worry about updating too often.

Traditional Media. This material could have a lot of attractions for traditional broadcast and print media, either as an exposition in its own terms, as documentary or magazine content, or as a tale of investigative adventure. It has important and sensaltionalist elements - although not always both in every case! Traditional media could accelerate the important experiments and settle the questions more quickly. If you have any suggestions or contacts who may be interested, please email me.

0: The Programmers' Stone

Share the URL. It took conversations with many able people to create the Stone, and the results are available for everyone. Share the Reciprocality Homepage on mailing lists and newsgroups that you contribute to. The Index of Funny Bits is intended to guide non-linear readers into the material.

Download the Stone. The Stone includes plenty of common-sense observations that are of benefit in any programming situation. Beyond this, it can provide experienced people with a common ground to talk in terms of. Further, it really can raise people's awareness and aspirations and produce a step function in the usefulness of many engineers. So software engineers can make their lives more fun and productive by introducing it onto their own sites. Download the tar.gz or ZIP archive, and copy the contents of the r0 directory onto your corporate intranet. Share the online copy with your colleauges.

Get Stoned! Many effective engineering sites keep a recommended reading list. Often it's maintained by the Quality Department - it's the kind of positive thing Quality should be about. Get the Programmers' Stone on the list, either on your intranet or at the Reciprocality Homepage Encourage your colleauges to discuss the issues raised. If you email me I'll add your organisation to the Stoned! Sites list within the Stone. This will help people on more timid sites get the stuff into discussion, and perhaps one day you'll be able to ask, "Is this a Stoned site?" at job interviews! Don't forget to ask your boss first!

Share Your Experiences. Use the ideas in the Stone, and tell me about what happened. The more practical experience we share, the better we will get. I can assemble and index the User Reports within the Stone. Remember you don't have to identify your organisation to provide useful data. If you prefer, I'll delete any email addresses.

1: M0

Tell Friends and Relatives. According to the M0 hypothesis, this site should be preferentially visited by natural immunes. Visitors will have other natural immunes, and hence high incidence of ADHD, CFIDS and Acquired Autism scattered amongst friends and relatives like buckshot through a wedding list. With the M0 hypothesis in hand, it is important that we find out if the model of what is happening is correct. The hypothesis makes a great deal of sense to many people in the interest groups, who seem to get considerable relief from it. Their interest also builds pressure for neurochemical tests. So tell friends and relatives about this site or print off the Special Introduction for them. Encourage them to join the progstone group. If the group becomes too big, heck we can spawn another one!

Find the Melbourne Doctor! James Vandenberg reports having a remarkable conversation with a doctor who was working in Melbourne, Australia. Sadly James hadn't seen the M0 hypothesis at the time. The doctor had studied dopamine levels in children betwwen ages 3 - 8, and had found that the children all started with low dopamine levels within a very narrow range ("Feedback and Gain Control") and ended up with high levels between 300% and 500% greater than when they started. These features are exactly in accord with the toughest experimental prediction in the M0 paper, and do not fit with the existing understanding. If anyone can hit lucky on a websearch, ask an Auntie in Melbourne who's a nurse or anything else, and help find the Melbourne doctor or his work, it will be fantastic. Needless to say, the hypothesis makes the doctor's data more exciting, just as his data makes the hypothesis more exciting.

Apply in Linguistics. There is evidence that the root words of Native American languages denote patterns that one must be able to exploit feedback in cognition to be able to see. Such patterns are documented by Gamma et. al. and Senge. Is this idea confirmable or useful?

Test in Psychology. Sengian patterns should be more readily identified in everyday situations by ADHD children.

Test in Neurochemistry. Anyone on a good science campus, who knows a neurochemist or is one, could look into the dopamine self-addiction hypothesis. The idea doesn't seem to want to lie down and die, but it needs testing much more. First in terms of prior data, then experimentally as suggested in the M0 paper. Neurochemical fame is of course possibly available here :-)

2: The Ghost Not

Identify Examples. I'm currently writing up six examples of Ghost Not free thinking. These are Kirchoff's Law in electronics, the "Monkey and the Coconuts Puzzle", Feynman's garden sprinkler, Penrose's Global Methods for computing black hole entropy, Lovelock's Gaia concept and the KILL SYSTEM command at the MIT AI Lab. Can you think of any more?

Apply in Physics. The examples above, the Exergy paper, and the reasoning in "3: Reciprocal Cosmology" all indicate that the Ghost Not is a powerful tool for illuminating physical thinking. Do you know of any problems where it might be useful?

Apply in Linguistics. Are there any situations where the implicit double negatives concealed in M0 natural language cause problems for linguists? Or for people attempting machine understanding of natural language? Or for people modelling things usually said in natural language using predicate logic?

Apply in Facilitation. Can the description of the deep roots of exclusive as opposed to inclusive thinking be of use in local facilitation situations? Examples might be commercial or legal negotiations, management consultancy including business process re-engineering, counselling and post-Laingian (existentialist) psychotherapy.

3: Reciprocal Cosmology

Test Concept Theoretically. Reciprocal Cosmology was produced by applying the Ghost Not to impossibilities in existing understanding. This made a self-consistent broad picture with very little detail. Now we must work inwards, rather than outwards. Does anybody know any reason why the model is not allowable given prior data? If it is allowable, it explains more with less and doesn't have internal contradictions. Interesting, huh? Go on - try and break it!

Develop Quantitative Form. We should be able to write down some relations between the infall, mass energy conversion and lag times that we can fit H, h, G and c into. Doing this might illuminate a reason within the model for the light speed limit in 3 space and constant speed in Hypertime. We might also gain insights into how the binding into massive particles works. Hunch: This mechanism is a scale model of gravitation between massive particles. A qualitative form is necessary before we can make experimental predictions that differ from prior theory.

Develop Software Models. There's a neat mathematical Linux package called SciLab that does animations. (Alternatives like MatLab and Mathematica in the Windows world cost an awful lot, so it will be harder to share work.) Can you see a way to model and animate the infall related effects described in the paper? More people can relate to doing maths this way than by doing algebra on paper! An alternative medium might be Java. Perhaps a little less easy to jam with, but we can put the code directly on the website. Moving pictures!

Consider Causality Squeezing. Here the model of probability amplitudes in small scale phenomena is an equal contribution to probability from both causalities. At macroscopic scales we see a statistical wall between phenomena that are wholly explicable on the recreative arrow and "causeless" phenomena - self org - that are only explicable on the creative arrow. What can be done to adjust systems to squeeze the applicable causalities for engineering purposes? What might be achieved by such systems? We have the existing squeezed light and quantum Zeno effects as models.

4: Consciousness

Share the URL. This novel model of consciousness might be of interest to people who post to AI, Consciousness Studies or Complexity watering holes that you visit.

Test in Neurology. Is there any evidence of collapsing electrothermal feedback loops in the brain associated with insights? Can repeatable experiments be performed showing sustained missing thermal energy in persons adopting the insight generating state of mind? (I reckon I can do this pretty much on demand and am keen to try it with appropriate thermal imaging kit.)

Apply in CSCW. This is where I'm working at the moment. I want to first gather together a suitable team, and then design their groupware to exploit the idea that consciousness emerges from self-interaction of ambient data. By allowing a large number of conscious people who are fixated on the deep structure to review and sort incoming and stored data, patterns in data should emerge serendipitously, and non-predictable insights should emerge. Here is the project homepage. Even if the consciousness experiment fails the work will be very valuable, since the most suitable people I can find have profoundly limited movement, and the experiment includes systems software to provide full access to Linux and Windows 98 PCs - and so the Internet. If I can get 20K GBP worth of sponsorship from an IT, telecoms, or TV broadcast organisation I can work on this fulltime and get it done by next Christmas. I have a financially attractive proposal for potential sponsors. If you have any contacts who may be interested, please email me.

5: Hypertime

Share the URL. This novel model of causality might interest people who post to alternative paradigm watering holes that you visit.

Apply in Cosmology. Mandelbrot says galactic clusters have a distribution like a Cantor Dust. Does the recent Hubble Deep Field data contain any evidence that the earliest visible distribution (from our point of view) is a backwards in time development of later distributions?

Apply in Astrophysics Can a backwards in time evolution explain the shape of spiral galaxies rather better than the gravitational plughole model (which I'm told doesn't work no matter where you put your dark matter)?

Apply in Biochemistry. For a really Weird Tale, try this one!

6: History

Share the URL. The only response I've had to date from a conventionally Christian person to the proposed interpretation was to say that since the Paulines chucked out the Gnostics, the document is irrelevant irrespective of content. It is not correct doctrine to even look at it. It was like a browser checking a certificate - fully automated. Is this a typical response?

Verify Interpretation. Here is an interlinear translation of the Gospel of Thomas, from the Coptic. If the interpretation is correct, then it should fit the Coptic version even better than it fits the English one, since it will have been spared another layer of translation by someone who does not understand it. Similarly, someone who reads ancient Greek and has access to the Greek fragments should be able to see an even stronger fit. It means getting a language scholar familiar with the Hypertime and Ghost Not concepts in order to express an opinion, but what an extraordinary collaboration between scientists and classicists this would be!

Identify Parallels. Bailey, Steiner, Gurdjieff and the Gospel of Thomas all parallel Reciprocality. Obviousness and impenetrability without the necessary concepts go up with source quality. Are there any other impenetrable mystical documents that also become clear with the right model? The Koran might be interesting for an Arabic reader to review with the model in mind, because of the Prophet's strict injunction against any modification. If he included any cosmological or semiotic data he had acquired by serendipity and/or back echo, it should still be in pristine condition. Remember that M0 afflicted people can't say "I don't know". There are sure to be conventional "allegorical" interpretations of the relevant passages. Only the source data matter. It's a high quality direct collection source, so the references should be as screamingly obvious and as otherwise impenetrable as in the Gospel of Thomas.

7: Magic

Share the URL. Building the unified paradigm I propose in the papers was an integrated "scientific" and "magical" activity. I used magical cognitive techniques (which are just extensions of the techniques discussed in the Programmers' Stone) to comprehend scientific data. In the same way that it needs introducing to scientists trapped in Ghost Not anti-magic, the paradigm needs introducing to magicians trapped in Ghost Not anti-science.

Explore Prior Data. M0 induces a particular nervousness about data that might violate the unstated anti-magic agenda. An example has been the reception of Rupert Sheldrake's ideas. Do you know of any such data, generally found disconcerting, that could derive mutual benefit from interpretation by Reciprocality? Jungian synchronicity might be an interesting thing to take another look at. I remember Arthur Koestler wrote a book about people who investigated this idea.

Cross-Cultural Exploration. Can Reciprocality enable greater understanding of M0 free peoples' world-view?

Locate an Authentic School. If Reciprocality has merit, and the parallels with Gurdjieff in particular are not co-incidental, then there certainly was an "authentic school" that Gurdjieff visited. Presumably their data had been passed from generation to generation since arriving by fractal back echo. Are there any such authentic schools in existance? Do they have anything to add given the model here? I don't suggest that anyone should go trotting all over Central Asia - anyone can get on a jet plane so there's no reason why they'd be where they were a century ago. But if you happen to be there anyway.. Others might like to click on this link from time to time and see if they're online yet :-)

Practice Consciousness Four. It isn't easy to do, but with the right prior experience of driving one's own cognitive feedback loop it can certainly be done. In C4 ideas are available for later C3 consideration, and if used without the data retention and comprehension techniques it can provide intuitively optimised actions - although it probably isn't possible to understand what the actions are supposed to achieve in C3 until it starts to happen. The simple fact is, you can't boost your consciousness that much and still retain the perceptions of your usual level of awareness. See the Gurdjieff quote. If your prior experience allows you to make any sense of the description of C4 in the paper, give it a try. This is where the unexpected spontaneously appears like the constant of integration - by the bucketful. The more primary data we can suck down the better.

Affirmations. In the Reciprocality model, a future M0 free humanity is a big cause that needs to sink effects in this time. The more brain states that encode certainty that it will happen, the easier it will happen.


You Tell Me! Reciprocality currently has the weakness of developing largely in the directions seen by one small mind. There seems to be an authentic non-fluffy paradigm shift here, so here you should be able to find lines of thought that no-one has ever wandered down before more easily than in most places.