2: The Ghost Not

Additional Materials, Links and References

Additional Materials

The Ghost Not - Key Points A very succinct description of the Ghost Not concept by Constantine Plotnikov.

Thoughts on Improving the Presentation Some futher discussion of the core idea, and different ways to express it.

Multi-Dimensional Critical Thinking by Prof. N. N. Nepejvoda. A parallel description of how the Ghost Not plays its tricks. Portable Document Format, translated from the Russian by the author.

Some Comments on the Multi-Dimensional Critical Thinking paper.

Motivational Inversion Some discussion of the idea that the Ghost Not converts selfishness into anti-altruism, altruism into anti-selfishness, rationalism into anti-spirituality and spirituality into anti-rationalism.

Ghost Not Ethics What happens to ethics in a delusional logical field caused by an underlying disbelief in objective reality.


The Human Evasion by Celia Green. This remarkable work to take overs in the human psychological context where "2: The Ghost Not" leaves off. The Ghost Not provides a single logical distortion to account for the observed Evasion, while the Evasion works through the human consequences of the Ghost Not.

Stephane Lupasco A prior discoverer of some of the formal aspects of the Ghost Not, who realised the consequences for antangonism based transactions.

Godel's Theorem and Information by Gregory J. Chaitin. A powerful insight into how mathematically formalisable truths always describe parts of a system that does not have internal system boundaries, and never mind which parts the mathematician would like to abstract. Incompleteness - the existance of things which know what they are doing although we do not - is simply a part of non-delusional life. By losing our delusions of omniscience we can vastly increase our effective knowledge.

Nonduality Salon This mystically worded website is concerned with the idea that we should see the universe as a whole, rather than chopped up into little bits. This particularly applies to the "division" between self and universe. The language is interesting in itself - it's very hard to discuss this kind of thing in language evolved by M0 societies.

Insane Patent An interesting remark about patents on Slashdot. Quote: "Apparently IBM tried and succeeded patenting using the word 'more' for flipping through multiple pages of text". This is what happens when one's symbolic representation of the world dominates the reality.

The Pleasure of Thinking for Yourself. Sane comments from a Ghost Not infested world.


Laing, R. D.



Laing recognised the deep logical structure in the linguistic games he saw people playing, and set it down. At the root of it all is the logical blindspot documented in "2: The Ghost Not".

Laing, R. D.

The Politics of Experience and the Bird of Paradise


Laing's description of humanity in the grip of M0.

Spencer-Brown, George

Laws of Form

E. P Dutton
ISBN 0-525-47544-3

The mathematical notation in "2: The Ghost Not" comes from this. A cult classic amongst hackers nearly 30 years ago, also referenced in Robert Anton Wilson's "Universe Next Door" books.